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Morai weapon for temple question

demansfairydemansfairy Posts: 456 Arc User
So I managed to get en o ugh influence for the 60 slaying weapon to use for heaven fall temple. Problem is I did some calculations (which c o u l d be wrong, formula I used was basicly skill damage formula*attack lv*crit*slayer lv*spirit and I factored in -chan as well) anyway at base +0 the theoretical dph was almost the same while the dps was far less (I'm losing 18 -chan switching my 3r9 off) and while refining would help the numbers, doesn't seem more than a few % even at +11 ( highest I'd be willing to go since that's free). So, anyone who has gotten the wep and actually tried it out in temple, how is it working for you? How much harder are you hitting over your other weapon (% wise)? Is it even worth me bothering to burn 10*s and reroll in for better stats on this wep?
full +12 SB, currently lv 105 105 105


  • shopcheeseshopcheese Posts: 758 Arc User
    I'm not so much into calculating things. But when I got my morai weapon I went into room 106 and at max attack + attack level buff, I hitted some mobs and I did 550k damage with r999+12 and 650k damage with 60 slaying level morai weapon no refine. Still working on +70 slaying level weapon.
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