What is the reason that makes you still play this game?

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We know that PWI had his ups and down during these 7 years. We know its not the best MMO out there but not the worst either. But recently I have a curiosity what makes the player still continue after all this time?
I have left and came back 3 times till now. Not because I wasnt satisfied with the game but because of real life issues.
So I know there are players that are in the game longer than I do. Players that are playing this game almost since beggining.
Personally I cannot quit the game atm cause lets say
1 I cannot let go of my stormbringer even if she just G16. I worked getting her gear and I don't want that time to be wasted.
2 I enjoy playing my stormbringer.
3 I enjoy some of the PWI game content.

So what is your reason for still playing the game?
Is it cause you cannot abandon your character for which you worked so hard?
Is it cause you love the game content being it Pve or Pvp?
Is it cause your friends are playing the game and you like virtually hanging out with them?
Or is it other reason?


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    My game husband. We are good friends and like playing together. Farming, PvEing, PvPing or just goofing around. Well, sometimes one of us (or both) get busy and we don't play much.

    There are a few other minor reasons. The Venomancer class fits me so much because it has all the things I love (cute animal race, debuffer/support, uses pets) so it's hard for other MMOs to attract me. Not to mention fox is my favourite animal. I still think PWI's graphics are nice and it has a nice aesthetic/feel to it. I like atmosphere, colours. Some games try hard to look real or cool, but end up looking boring to me...

    I like how heavily based on Chinese (and Asian in general) traditions/folklore/legends etc. PWI is. It makes it a little more unique that some other MMOs, although I've been seeing more and more Asian-inspired MMOs pop up the past few years. Customization is still pretty great. I don't know if there are other MMOs that let you mix & match and dye fashion like PWI. It really makes your character more unique.

    I still like the PvP, and some other parts, even though I'm sure there are better MMOs for PvP nowadays. I also don't really want to start over in a new game and I will probably not play another MMO again (or at least for many years) after I quit PWI. Lastly, there are still some people in this game I enjoy playing with, even though I know our friendship will most likely fade once we quit. There are few people that I managed to connect with on a level beyond the game.

    There used to be more reasons I played this game, like when my real life friends played with me or when I was very attached to my faction (Kakumau) and used to have a great time there. I was lucky to make a new game partner to play the game with, it kept me wanting to play.

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    I personally don't really play anymore, but when I did play it was for mostly for two reasons.
    1) I enjoyed playing with friends
    2) I enjoyed challenging myself with the PVP
    For me once there was too much drama and people turning the competition into a reason to hate each other it made the game a negative experience rather than a positive one and it was no longer worth staying for. (oh and bad support). My friends and I have moved on to greener pastures where I enjoy challenging myself to new things and playing with my friends there.

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    flying elf...
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    eirghan said:

    For me once there was too much drama and people turning the competition into a reason to hate each other it made the game a negative experience rather than a positive one and it was no longer worth staying for.

    But why did you participate in the drama and the hate. You surely knew there was nothing positive to come out of it.

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    I just enjoy playing this game, isnt that enough? :)​​
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    booker27 wrote: »
    For me once there was too much drama and people turning the competition into a reason to hate each other it made the game a negative experience rather than a positive one and it was no longer worth staying for.

    But why did you participate in the drama and the hate. You surely knew there was nothing positive to come out of it.

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    Main reason my sin, I can solo most things so that is a huge convenience.

    I do like the cross server NW.

    I also have a friends left here and we like to bs and pk together using Skype so that's always fun.

    I've been playing this game since the beginning of 2011 so it's familiar and with my rl life schedule the familiarity works well for me.
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    Lack of other interests.
    I've actually quit playing a bit, come on for maybe an hour or less, get my PV and Blood daily in then I'm off.

    I still walk through the ghostly halls of PWI for leisurely purposes.
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    I pay because some of my friends still pay. Tho many have been lost to time and will never return. I like the game as well you can play on your own when you want or do an instance with people if you like as well. Play as a guild or solo an instance. Im not really a PvP person but NW is ok as long as im not getting one hit. now their is a reason as well working on that gear so I cant die... Can go on with this one.​​
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    The open world random player vs pla--oh....
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  • teikiatsu11
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    Time killing, hilarious people, pvp can be pretty fun and most of all I like the nostalgia I get at times from when I first joined and the fun of the adventure through PWI, it's why I have so many alts.
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    Mostly the friends I've made in game, my faction Tempest of which I'm now Director, which is probably the most successful TW faction in PWI history, and also home to in my opinion the nicest community I've met on my server.

    We have a faction whatsapp group with nearly 50 people in it and growing with daily spam of jokes and banter between people and talk about irl and in game stuff so even when people are away from the game they still feel connected to the community.

    After playing PWI for so many years it becomes a habit to log on get on vent after work have a few laughs catching up with members and officers while doing dailies and being an officer gives plenty to do getting involved with community stuff, events, organising and leading TWs, and also my YouTube channel keeps me busy at times making PWI videos etc.
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    I play this game because I'm lazy to learn a new one to be honest. All the gear and skill progression, economy, materials... I'm comfy here.

    Of course, there are the great friends I made all these years. :)
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  • hypereccentrik
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    I also like big ganked by like twenty people, it arouses me immensely.
  • ellany
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    Its just an annoying habit that I have ...
  • dave76netherlands
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    I just enjoy playing pwi for fun.
    Sadly game turned into a cash huddle on EU.
    Farming cube became redundent becouse of the packs containing fate stamps, and running cube is more expensive then buy a fate stamp for 75-80m.
    Becouse of your expenses and time in cube you only loose precious money. You loose about 15 mils making cube necks from cog's becouse you need tokens for do-alls en mysterious chips from packs if you run several chars in cube.
    Farming WS and sell G16 gear became redundent too on EU. Becouse most alts can farm there own gear and market ain't buying those G16 gear anymore.

    So you have to be a clever cash huddle merchant now or sell your nw tokens to make some spending cash, or sell your flowsilver coins wich you farm on your alts.

    PWI glady removed all the free stuff wich people used and sell and save for r9 gear!

    Gold auction npc went dead on EU becouse players sell there gold on WC for a higher rate then the max gold price in auction house.

    So my cleric trashed his aim to farm R9 gear and im just on for dailies, exp, nw etc. :)
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    I enjoy playing the game,personally i left like 5 almost 6 years ago and came back like 3 months ago,its the 2nd MMo that i ever played,my 1st one was Silkroad....and personally i came back because of you guys,because of ALL the great people i "meet" in game,we actually been trough alot in game,shared alot et cetera so......i just like to be with u guys!!! <3

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    I came here for the venos, and I'm stayin for the venos!

    but seriously, i have only been playing for about 2 years almost. I put a decent amount of effort into my character and I will continue to do so. It's painstaking but i enjoy the empty feeling of accomplishiment after i get some gear i worked for awhile to obtain. And i can't help but laugh afterwards as i think, "now i need to +10 and shard it..."

    It's true it gets repetitive with all the dailies and slow grinding, however I get a sense of comfort and familiarty from that as well. Mainly only do pve and i think while there isn't anything on the scale of a raid in pwi, it still has some dynamic and engaging instances to offer. NW even has become alot of fun now that I can hold my own in a fight and not be one shot quite so much. The one shotting will never end, but it happens so little now that I'm a bit amazed by progress. I still wouldnt go around looking for pk because its just not my interest.

    I really love the landscapes, the cities and towns. All of it really feels nice to walk through. City of the Lost and its surrounding region particularly fascinated me. It all felt so right for the untamed, i felt like I really was a foxgirl going through her homeland and battling wraiths to protect her kin. That alone was enough to make me think i would keep playing this game. No matter how jaded i get by the struggle, i can always just turn off my brain and lose myself to the immersion thanks to the stunning worlds and lore they have crafted.
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    the title, Perfect World International. it's a perfect world. no other question. :)
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    Dont really play much anymore. Been playing since 09 and will never waste this kind of time and money on a game ever again. Logged a few of my toons the other day. Went from 3 accounts, usually dual logged every day and now havent been on since last summer.
    I've watched the economy implode over time and now its just all messed up. And for what? The OP and big spenders will still gank you every time. There is such a huge gap now it's not worth playing. I feel sorry for any new players. They have no idea what end game gear really means. There is no room for avarage game play, you'll never even come close to OP or money bags. You'll be one hit every time with ease. You are nothing but a target. I see they added dorbs to botique. Indeed, new players will need help with refines. I remember the night of the +10 dorb glitch. I know a great many that got all their gear +10 that night. I remeber when dorbs were affordable. New players will have to close that gap the competetion got with ease. Good luck.
    Without the direct help of a good and giving faction a new player has little to no chance to actually succeed in this game. While one one hand the game depth is great, it's also overly complicated with a great many hurdles and hoops to jump thru for basic gear or attainments. The manufacturing quest chain is a perfect example. So many aspects of this game require you to jump through hoops and there's still no guarantee there will be a pay off. Everything in this game is like refining with celestones. Fail, Fail, Fail, Win, Fail, Fail, Fail, Fail. Nothing in this game is in your favor. Ever! The packs? What a joke. I know many that win tome of scroll. Not you, not me. Get ready for no luck and fail in this game. You will need help and handouts from higher levels. You might get lucky, who knows. This game is like a lottery. If you dont ever get a winning ticket every so often you'll continue to stay broke, undergeared and zero competetion. Relegated to countless hours caught in the same routines day after day after day.
    It took me years to understand and implement all the various ins and outs of this game. Had people point things out to me.
    This game isn't straight forward. There's so much to this game. Many things people dont even do any more. So many roads to go down. New players will definately need direction. Between the special things you "need to know" in caves to time wasting things to avoid. I learned everything the hard way. The expensive way. I never did get my anniversary reward. My girlfriend did. I sent in a ticket. Got an email back later. Said I should check the forums? Really? Check the forums and weed through post after post looking for a thread that may or may not be there? And isn't that just like PWI? **** you PWI! I think thats what did it for me. When they told me that I stopped playing.
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    I lost interest about 3 weeks ago. I can't even do my dailies anymore, I just log on and log off in like 20 seconds.
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    The only reason I can think of why people still play this game. The time and or money they have invested into the game.
    When someone invests so much into a game, it is hard for them to let go, and in some crazy way it is justifiable for them to keep doing so. People are still dumping thousands of real dollars into this game, even after the obvious signs the past year, that is is going down hill.

    I quit the game a while ago. It got very repetitive, boring, too many cry babies, and the server merge pretty much screwed Harshlands over for all events. I didnt spend real money on the game, the gear I got I got from playing.I log on to talk to a few people and it isnt even for very long. After the new card systems, re-leveling my character, then new star system or whatever it is called, I said **** it. Cash shopping is the only way to be competitive, and I refuse to give a **** company, money to play a **** game, on **** servers.

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    I haven't played this game in well... I honestly can't remember. A long time has passed since I last played. Just installing it again to have a walk through memory lane. I am curious to see if people still play this game (that's why I checked the forums first) but I don't know, the pay-to-win really brought this game down, in my opinion.
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    1) I have my character done. Busy in real life and lazy to start a new game.
    2) I like PWI gameplay.
    3) I have many friends, most the time i'm just online to chat with them.
    4) I like big wars (sad only that its a rare event....)
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    Tears of joy from my eyes seeing that my thread has become a Necro thread. :'(:p

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    Oh my Necro​​
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