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Demon or Sage Strombring?



  • nephilim63nephilim63 Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Much like everyone else I was conflicted between both Sage and Demon but as may others have said I like having the Control over the outright power. But then I'm also -24% Channeling so i have attack speed taking care of the lack of damage I would have had as a Sage.
  • caius775caius775 Posts: 83 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Alright, I switched over to demon to try it out for a few months after playing sage. This is what I found in all honesty you can be either or, both have it's ups and downs. Demon: Only thing that I love about it is the easy mode control over your orbs like the stun on bullet is amazing. ED is ok, I also love the aoe range on radius skills like surge. Churning is effective... Nothing else stands out as much.

    Sage: I missed it's damage and most of all speed. In pvp for example in an opening stun race against another castor sage bullet hits first as demon I lost that minor advantage. Damage wise it's a huge difference sage I spammed moon for curse as demon I rarely use it and it seems MB's heal procs less than sage curse. Cumu and snow storm stun < damage. Literally affected my kill count.

    I'm being vague on both sides cause I'm on the clock but ultimately it doesn't matter both paths have noticeable difference but both are effective. I'll stay demon with no plans of changing but I seriously miss sage......
  • Keisari - Raging TideKeisari - Raging Tide Posts: 384 Arc User
    edited May 2015
    Kitty went demon on her HA-SB for better CC/defensive procs.

    In general Kitty feels that sage SB is more offensive while demon SB is better at CCing/on defence. Quite same as ol' good sage/demon wizzie-quarrel.
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  • abunnywarriorabunnywarrior Posts: 24 Arc User
    Does anyone have a backup to the Commanding the Storm page? Since you can't get to it anymore...
  • acblackacblack Posts: 16 Arc User
    I started as Demon for the "control" and what seemed like better over all skill "dynamics" over Sage.

    Been a Stormbringer since the release and was Demon for about half of that til I switched to Sage.

    Things I noticed......

    When i want the benefit of 3 thunder or 3 ice or 2/1 of whatever combo I really dont want to have to "check" my chi. No cost to switch and seems I get better damage and almost "rewarded" because of my combos of charges, funny how that works.

    I still buff regularly with lunar guidance & damn it a 25% chance to gain a spark actually seems more like 33% to me. CHI FTW!!!

    I do miss the CC skills to a small degree but in mass pvp (TW/NW) survival is more important to me. I am not +12 and JOSD, so I reaper, anti stun, IG and run in and AOE the hell out of a group and retreat. I attribute the SB design to a "magic version" of a Blademaster. AOEs FTW !!!

    I do miss the "healing" from searing moonlight but 9/99/999 with def charms and pots w/ or w/o healing its moot.

    CHI CHI CHI CHI CHI - cant get enough of it - sometimes I run low but Master LI's technique and a quick lunar guidance and got 1.5 sparks ready + white tea or cloud eruption and full chi - trigger the 400 chi buff - drop a triple spark AOE while 400 chi are being replaced and triple spark AOE again. LONG RANGE HOWITZER FTW !!!

    With the onset of NEW upgrades to skills seems Demon might just have my attention but I have to say i really like Sage. I didnt think I would but I wanted to know for sure what the benefits were and Demon, while nice and playable seem geared to more 1v1 than mass pvp - I played all the classes to at least 90+ and damn it if I dont just love Stormys - run and gun - reaper form and AOEs galore.

    Time will tell as will gearing and skill upgrades but for now I feel I made a good decision switching to Sage.
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