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Will we ever see the merged account stash issue fixed?

As the title says, are there any updates on this. This was quietly pushed aside and forgotten like everything else. Are we ever going to see this fixed so that our merged accounts get the 4 full lines of account stash that we originally paid for?


  • mynamewasstolenmynamewasstolen Posts: 54 Arc User
    i personally wouldnt have purposely made a toon on the other server and bought a second account stash JUST to make that happen - knowing that something could possibly go wrong. That being said - does seem like false advertisement if people DID actually do that. At the same time though it doesnt seem fair to be giving a certain set of people a double sized account stash and never letting it be possible for future players without making an account stash extension stone of some sorts.
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  • razzzzarazzzza Posts: 456 Arc User
    everyone who cares enough for this has had their gold replaced and the account stash is probably back to normal. This is so old now and a bit of searching would give you the same information i just gave you.​​
  • luvs2playluvs2play Posts: 23 Arc User
    Highy unlikely
  • cynderangelcynderangel Posts: 193 Arc User
    Yep. Submitted a ticket months ago and got 8 gold credited to my account. As much as I wanted the double sized stash, I'll be happy with the refund with interest.
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  • jadasiajadasia Posts: 520 Arc User
    No. They are not going to "fix" what wasn't broken.
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