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Bit of a problem

oreowarriororeowarrior Posts: 71 Arc User
So, i know my username and password, but forgot the email adress to the account. Due to ARC Defender, i cant log in the account except in game.
How can i figure out the email adress i used?
also, how do i disable arc defender?


  • sylenthundersylenthunder Support Guru Posts: 3,061 Community Moderator
    Moved this to the correct forum.

    If you're logged into the website, you can see what email you used for the account there. You can disable Arc Defender once you have successfully logged into the account.

    The purpose of Arc defender is to prevent unauthorized logins to your account by adding this layer of security. (Just like Steam, and many other launchers/sites use.)

    If none of that is working, then you can submit a ticket and they will be able to assist you after you can verify that you are truly the account owner. (Questions like when you created it, where you lived at the time, and other security questions may be asked.)​​
  • phmnphmn Posts: 57 Arc User
    So in the drop down menu next to the arc symbol in the upper right corner, go to settings -> general then a second screen will pop up and you can click "disable arc defender". As for the email address, that I cannot help with.
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