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Forums messed up after the update

jabqjabq Posts: 821 Arc User
edited August 2015 in General Discussion
Now i can't seem to access links in people signatures which point to useful threads. At times i can not comment on topics, even though i am logged in. Some forums are not accessible anywhere for me, the forum enhancement thread.

Previously i had this address in the bookmarks for pwi forums, http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/, that redirected me to the pwi arc forums. Now i get the news page with arc maint info.

Anyone have any fixes, or will this be a slow rolling process, which will have to be tweaked manually by the players, people who created all these amazing things for the new forums?

Smiley do not work sadly. The ponies are gone.

If this is in the wrong place, can you still move it? If not, you can close it and provide a link to where these things are being discussed.​​


  • chchchchiachchchchia Posts: 85 Arc User
    I'm having a lot of problems too. I had to change bookmarks I had for various portions of the forums because all of the site addresses seem to have been altered by that maintenance. I can also no longer use almost all of the buttons along the top of this comment box (bold, italics, font things, link and picture attachments, etc).​​
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  • heero200heero200 Helper Extraordinary Posts: 3,968 Community Moderator
    edited August 2015

    Cant edit any of my posts... Just sometimes SOMETIMES they should just leave things alone...


    EDIT - they have an hour edit time limit DOLH!
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