Fix the genie skill "remove paralysis" to work as intended!

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Title. If this genie skill is fixed, every broken thing about paralyses will become fair because there will be a way out of it which was originally intended in that genie skill, however it is completely broken. So here is a poll that will most likely show an obvious overwhelming amount of people wanting this to be fixed now they they know a counter to paralysis was thought of a long time ago.​​
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Fix the genie skill "remove paralysis" to work as intended! 26 votes

yes, please for the love of god fix the only counter to paralysis.
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no, let it stay being over powered.
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  • phmn
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    no, let it stay being over powered.
    This skill removes immobilizations. As it is intended. If you read archer's skill Aim Low it paralyzes the target for 9 seconds. Which when used is an immobilize. All that needs changed is the genie skill name. You have to realize that when genies were released the only two CCs were stuns and immobilizes. Its just a translation/text error. The only current way to get around the BM and Barb paralyze skills is to use the genie skill "Faith" before. It only works if used prior to being paralyzed.
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  • teikiatsu11
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    no, let it stay being over powered.
    You do realize that genie skill was created back before the idea of the new paralyze effect was thought of right? Back then the only immobilize effects were stun and freeze. Freeze was often refered to as paralyze at the time, in fact an Archer skill still calls it that.

    That said it was also, at first paralyze was given to only 3 classes: Barbarians, Blademasters and Venomancers. For a Barbs and BM's it meant a better chance against Purify Spell. For Venos I really don't know why they have it but they don't seem to use it very often. I'd hardly call it OP for these classes.
    On the new classes it's very annoying and might be a bit OP. Then again this is PWI and they seem to just like putting in new stuff to play around with, whether it's balanced or not who knows.
    By the way you can resist it with Faith or any damage immunity and supposedly at one point Nullify Poison stopped it too but that was patched. Whether or not this is true I can't say but hey this is PWI they have bugs everywhere.
  • chary
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    If they would make this skill work vs. paralyze, that would definitely help. I'm still of the opinion that paralyze needs to either be able to be purified from all sources of purification or be blocked by anti-stun though. One or the other.

    As the above poster says though, the skill was made before paralyze ever came about and they just never localized the name to something else like "Remove Freeze" or "Remove Immobilization" instead to reflect that (because, honestly, who gives a ****?).​​
  • e1finger
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    no, let it stay being over powered.
    theres already other ways to counter the "New Paralyze" aint nuthing wrong with it now. Bm's / Barbs had hard time dealing with purify spell, now we got a good few seconds to make or break with the skill. Far as Bm' s version its takes a whole spark and still a chance to miss. NOT to include if they had Faith or Expel before hand. Aint nuthing wrong with it. Nor is anything wrong with the genies "remove paralyze" Aka (Immobilizations/Freeze.
  • aeternusdoleo
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    ... funny how you don't mention the dusk who can practically stunlock with paralyze.

    It does need a counter. Everything needs a counter for it to be beatable.
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  • gomiamiheat
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    You can faith thats the only counter. I'd have to say for barbs and bms it helps make the game more balanced for them. As for duskblades. For a very long time duskblades have over achieved on HL and now I see the same on dawnglory. I see dusk blades that are r9rr +10 with DECENT cards equaling up against sins and other classes that are r9rr +12 with nearly maxed cards. Reason is on a dusk it's almost like you just never get a chance to attack most their stuns seem to go through anything and they throw tons of debuffs on you very very quickly. Now with the new upgrades they will be even more OP which tbh is no big deal sins have overruled in pvp never got balanced won't be much different with dusks. Old classes will still have their uses and few people that play almost perfectly or perfectly that can compete with only decently skilled dusks.

    So yeah idk about this stupid genie skill seems pointless you can faith but of course other person just has to wait it out. But I feel if any class needs their paralyze or at least one of their stuns somewhat nerfed it would be dusks atm.

    I mean even if they added this it would still be a momentary stun or if your genie is on cd you wouldn't be able to use it. But like i said above i feel that skill helps the balance for barbs and bms, as for dusks they are just the new op class lol.
  • eirghan
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    i vote that the translation is fixed
  • zoner112012
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    no, let it stay being over powered.
    That would be like saying that Psy and Mystic buffs should be able to be purged. There will always be mechanics in the game that you won't like. The point is to find a way around them.
  • hypereccentrik
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    yes, please for the love of god fix the only counter to paralysis.
    Well sheeeeet, if the skill says remove paralises then it should : p
  • sindarella
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    yes, please for the love of god fix the only counter to paralysis.
    yes, although, as others pointed out, the genie skill works as inteded! you should have polled FORTIFY and BADGE OF COURAGE to be 'fixed'
    and they should fix the unavoidable and unremovable "stun" alltogether!
    using ad or ig to avoid a spamable and otherwise unavoidable "stun" is rickdiculously broken! fox-20.gif​​
  • aradriel
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    no, let it stay being over powered.
    I agree it needs a counter, but not via this genie skill (which is worded as it is due to it being old/outdated/translated text, as has been mentioned numerous times).

    But I agree with the idea of your argument. CC in this game is unbelievably overpowered and out of balance. It is so easy for a number of classes to mindlessly spam CC skills and many classes have very few counters to them. I wish durations would be reduced on CC skills across the board, and certain classes that suffer with eternal CC lockdown (BM, barb especially) could have a version of stunbreak/clear (NOT more 10+ secs of immunity to CC, which makes players uncatchable, and is similarly unbalanced... but meaning a clear of current CCs on the character) to help bring things into alignment. We have badge of courage, which does help, but it's not enough to stand against the amount of CC in the game currently.
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