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Knightblayde's PvE Seeker Guide



  • pured0fguypured0fguy Posts: 0 Arc User
    edited September 2013
    Cool thanks!
  • nevitysnevitys Posts: 18 Arc User
    edited August 2014
    Hey, I just started to play as Seeker few days ago and this is best guide that i found so far :) I am just not sure if this guide is Outdated, so i would wanna know if this guide is still useful. (Like are those abilities still best for me right now and should i build my seeker like that). If this guide is outdated you should really update it, there is no that many guides for seeker class :P Please reply me soon as possbile!

    - Nevitys
  • mrcharlyteramrcharlytera Posts: 21 Arc User
    Ok let me begin from level one of seeker. The key to quick leveling and finding out how to use ur seeker to the fullest are quests. I started playing the game as a seeker wednesday and i got to level 3 by doing the begging quests and i only killed the bluepaw lemurs lol. Then i had to get off and then got back on thursday and started playin for real. I was into the class man its a great class if you what your doing im still learning and learned a bit of things from this guide. I started with the 6 str 3 dex 1 vit every 2 levels. It wasnt working you get ***** quick and cannot hold a 2v1 battle early on. I had to meditate and use pots til i ran out because a seeker can only take on 4 mobs early on. Then later on i got to 13 and got the first stance and then later on the fallow up skill staggering. I was still loosing health quick after 4 kills then i switched build 2str 2 dex and 1 vit every level and that works great..
    Your build is a really bad idea, you need more STR. STR increases your damage and phys def.

    You aren't high enough level to have Adrenal Numbness and don't appreciate how this works. Please, anyone, don't follow this build.

    5 STR on even levels, 3 Dex on odd. Stick the spare 2 points in Vit or STR as you feel. I personally put a bit of VIT in, about 25 no more. At lvl62 I can tank any boss in BH51, solo BH39 etc.

    I'm not a seeker expert but have previously played one to lvl97.
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