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opalhsopalhs Posts: 34 Arc User
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Only way to make ppl happy is to let them chose in wich server thay wana be transfered,players have invested alot of money and time and dont wana start again from nothing just so thay can play this game how thay want.Now when we know you can transfer players from server to server to server,make some SERVER TRANSFER STONE that we get for free now and never again,or send email for every account with question on what server we wana play.It cant be abused because gold price is very similar now on every server.Lets make this game better for everyone who play this beautiful and awsome game.

(ppl who vote for NO,pls give some argument so we can know that you are not someone who quited and hate this game and dont play it anymore but just wana vote agasint everythign that can make ppl happy)
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I dont care
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  • tricksietricksie Posts: 189 Arc User
    This was already suggested but of course it was moved to suggestions where not many visit.

    egg-44.gif <~ these need to come back into the CS.

  • opalhsopalhs Posts: 34 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    His poll is greatdzio but he didnt do it good cos name of his poll is wrong,not atracting alot atention in this time when ppl just thinking about server merge.I am watching forum very offten in last 2-3 days and didnt eaven bother to look at that poll when he didnt put in name about what is in his poll.If he puted in name that its about asking ppl on what server thay wana play it would be better.

    But yes its kinda same poll but mine is just more simple and should atract more voters,or i hope :)
  • unbarbunbarb Posts: 68 Arc User
    edited July 2015
    Fine for me... If Arc Games wanted to do thing clean.
    -> The best way to make everyone happy is to remove everyone on every server then merge them into those 4... And after that when you log in your account, you chose WHICH server u want to play at, then all your characters of your accounts goes to the server u CHOSEN, not the one u were forced into.
    IMO its the best way to make everyone happy... I dont see how the US players on HL will play with EU time really ARC GAME? Its like they wasted their years and $ for nothing.

    In my case i want to play on the East coast server since i live in East coast now but my characters are locked (and will probably die) in the west coast server... In 2015, we can still not do character server transfer, while the other popular MMORPG can.

    With the solution i said above, the HL players that live in EU will just select the new EAST coast server to not do their TW/NW/EVENT AT 4 AM... ARC IS ABOUT TO KILL THOSE PLAYERS LIFE.

    Why are we even asking for that? The GMs obviously dont care about the PWI customers... Its sad
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  • antonio0590antonio0590 Posts: 74 Arc User
    Them doing this merge opens the door for them to offer server transfers. At least that's what it seems like.
  • poryg20poryg20 Posts: 1 New User
    that great lol .. alot of ppls i know were "forced"to play US west or east servers , becouse when we started to play dat game there wasnt EU server.At the momemnt all friends i have are hopeing they can change to EU server so they can play all the stuffs what the cant .. becouse they are working , studeing and atc. at the time events are.And the reason they dont made new characters on EU servers already is the fact they pleyed the game from 4-5 years and they dont want to start all thad hard way to farm or buy stuffs again.So for me and for almost all my friends what i have that option to change the server will motivate us to play more.And me personaly .. ive never been in Nation War, Raw War .. only sometimes on sundays Teritory Wars so i realy want thats to happen .. WE CAN CHOOSE THE SERVER :pensive:P
  • opalhsopalhs Posts: 34 Arc User
    I have no idea how PWI work,but i assume its something like this:
    Pwi is company made to make money like every other company.Thay have boss and employs.Thay do researches,thay probobly have everything in numbers and realised its not profitable to run 8 servers when there is only players for 4 servers,it will probobly cut them some expences.

    Also think GMs dont care about players,its not thier job to care.I think thay work for money like we all do and just wana do what thay need to do so thay can get paycheck and feed thier family.Also think thier primary job is just to keep all servers online all time so thay can keep geting money all time,to remove some things thay get from chinese patches,translate chinese patches to english and some more things.
    If you are a bus driver,your job is to drive bus and to keep bus working.But if old lady need help to get in bus,you dont need to help her cos its not your job,your job is to drive bus and keep bus working,and nothing else.Its only your good will to help her.Its same with pwi just to keep server online and updated so it can keep making money,its just thier good will.

    You think thay are merging servers cos thay like writing bilions of numbers and leathers in some database program,no,thay are doing it because thier boss told them to do that to cut expenses or he think it will make more money but thay are definitly not doing it to lose money :)

    If all of this what i write is right then i gues only thing we can do is to make alot ppl to come and vote,if we collect alot votes we will get thier atention,thay will see it affect alot of players,and thay will make suggestion to thier boss at thier meeting.

  • relieareliea Posts: 40 Arc User
    I'm votin yes to support the HL people.
    There's a big difference between knowingly signing up for a server with a timezone that doesn't sync with the timezone you live in (even if there was no better option at the time), and having the server timezone you chose suddenly changed to a timezone that doesn't sync with the one you live in anymore.
  • ovenusarmanioovenusarmanio Posts: 6,695 Community Moderator
    There's already a thread on this, linked above. Please use that.​​

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