Assassins sharding question.

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I would like to ask the experienced and more knowledgeable of you guys which shards do you think an rrr9 full +10 assassin should shard the options are 1: Physical defense +70 of morai ,or 2: HP +50 shards . I saw a sin with full rrr9 and similar refines but he had phy defense +70 morai ones when I asked him why ,he said LA amor gives reasonable magical defense and he gets hp from refines and all that is missing he gets from phy shards that's phy defense. Is this true ? But I see many sins with hp +50 shards so which is better please help out.
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  • hypereccentrik
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    Since your + 10 I would for the physical defense shards.
  • laikiraski
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    really? and what abiout refining ring / neck then ? they give magic defence or what ? ofc unless he has magic def neck but la with magic def neck shouldnt complain about p.def then . i would go +75 hp shards from weekly sot and aba .
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    yea i'd either go with the 75 hp shards from weeklies for now, then swich to vit stones when have the money then eventaly get jades if have tons of money xD and u are right it's mroe important to get mag def than pdef now (sicne there are 2 pdef buffs - bm and cleric, and only cleric buff gives mag def) i'd focus on that. Aslo hp shards will help ya survive physical and magical attacks. Hope this helped