Gold disappearing from trading account

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So I had some gold for sale in the AH, and some of it didn't sell because the price dropped too much. Fine, it happens.
But then, when the listing expired, the remaining gold didn't credit back to my account ! WTH ?!?
Never had this happen before, nor any kind of long wait for it to re-credit, so just here wanting to know if anyone else had this before I send a ticket
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  • laikiraski
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    In aution open gold menu then there will be left down side (i guess ) option name LISTINGS press it and first options ussualy your gold ,then there supose to be button to retrive it .
  • sjampie
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    edited July 2015
    Just logged in to check it (having 40 gold in ah). It disappeared from the selling-list, the delete button can't be clicked and the gold isn't returned. Will check on other toons (on same account) but as far as I can see now 'our' gold is just gone. o:)

    edit (lol) -> maybe this is changed in the patch since there aren't any patch notes.
  • sjampie
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    edited July 2015
    checked again with another toon on same account (the toon that I used to buy/sell it) -> gold is disappeared so anyone who discover his/her gold is gone should be thinking about writing a ticket ;)

    edit (in addition to above) -> I've just send a ticket, hoping the Delete button will be activated again so we can get our gold back.
  • sjampie
    sjampie Posts: 614 Arc User
    getting worse: the delete button didn't work however when I relogged my gold was registered as withdrawn without giving me the gold back! Main conclusion: don't use AH to buy/sell gold until this 'bug' is solved!
  • sjampie
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    Copied the text to Quality Corner. Also copied the reply from my ticket.

    Gold still missing but.... need to play PWI instead of watching forumthreads o:)

    moderator added edit: Placing the link to aforementioned reply since I can't merge posts atm.​​
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  • ovenusarmanio
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    Is this still the case?​​

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  • sjampie
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    Thanks for putting the hyperlink inside the earlier message.
    As for your question: I will start PWI in a minute and will edit this message after checking AH

    Edit: just logged on. The gold is written as withdrawn however it never returned, giving my Current Available Funds 0 gold / 0 coins. What I didn't notice before is the word at Current Available Funds. It should be Gold xx Silver and below 'Coin' however it now says Money xx Silver and below it Coin. Think here's the error but can only be sure if I check the source*.

    * = no, it's not allowed for me (if anyone want to know).. it's my job in rl. ;)
  • sjampie
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    edited July 2015
    Noticed the thread on Quality Corner was closed (and reply to my ticket was gone). So, here is the response again. Hope you will not delete it since it was recommended. The recommendation is in bold-text now. Easier for moderators to read ;)
    edited response a bit short answer: forwarded this possible bug to our QA team

    As for the rest of the response -> it was copied to Quality Corner as was advised/recommended.
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  • shade13
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    sjampie wrote: »
    as far as I can see now 'our' gold is just gone. o:)
    You don't look upset tiger-2.gif
    I've checked mine, but so far I have no issues. Though I didn't withdraw it, just set for sale what was on deposit.

  • sjampie
    sjampie Posts: 614 Arc User
    Never upset...well, only for 1 thing: they should translate "money" back to "gold" like it supposed to be. Withdraw didn't work for me - couldn't click the 'Delete' button. I relogged and it still wasn't transfered back but the 'withdrawn' text showed up leaving me with money 0 and coin 0.

    Still having fun in PWI o:)
  • eirghan
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    Just mention to OP, posting exact ticket responses are not permitted on the forums. They are recommending you post the issue to the forums and not the response, which you already have done. That is most likely why the other thread was deleted. A mod will most likely edit your post to remove the response. Unfortunately with a bug like this we can only wait.
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  • sjampie
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    ah.. k... editing this a bit.
    responses are a secret, lol.

    edit: for message below -> yup, also relogged a few times.
    It's not a big problem (for me) however I believe this problem started when the text Gold was changed into Money leaving us with Money and Coins...

    edit2: (final message) -> have send a 4th reply to my ticket which says I accept the fact 40 gold is gone and asked to close the ticket. The procedure about buying/selling is the same as before except for the 'money' text. Hope my gold will be invested in coffee for the employees ;)
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  • krian090590
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    have you tried hitting the refresh button in the gold AH. i've been in the process of buying and selling gold for a little over a week now, and sometimes all it takes to show on your screen when it doesnt is hitting the refresh button. hope this helps and that your issue is resolved soon
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