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How many Perfect Chests for a Legendary Pet?

Kittysama - Raging TideKittysama - Raging Tide Posts: 34 Arc User
edited June 2015 in Venomancer
Perfect Chests are in sale atm, so it's a good time to try getting a Herc or Nix.

Kitty's been trying for 550 Perfect Chests this far and no Nix or Herc yet.b:cry
(thus worse luck than in 89% of cases...)

How good/bad luck fellow venomancers have?b:surrender
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Kitty's finally posting again as Kittysama after long break caused by avatar-bug(now fixed).
Leader and all other members of Kitty-faction(a.k.a. Kittyarmy, greater than your blacklist)!

Kitty ish most unfortunate Kitty in Perfect World.


  • DustBunnie - DreamweaverDustBunnie - Dreamweaver Posts: 1 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    I won a Herc ticket in 50-60 chests, but I think I just got lucky.b:surrender
  • technoplume3technoplume3 Posts: 82 Arc User
    When they 1st came out I bought 150 chest and I won 3 herc and 1 nix. Lucky !
    I would say 100 is a safe bet.
  • caloriencalorien Posts: 36 Arc User
    pwdatabase says drop rate for the tickets is .1%, so on average you should get 1 herc or nix ticket per 500 chests opened.
    The PWI info-fox formerly known as Mayfly - Dreamweaver
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