2x drops?

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Really pwi

Should i jump in the air right now? 2x drops in Warsong = R9 . TT mats great if ppl didn't do it single these days! How on grind the mobs ....oh wait they dont drops stuff that is money for us! THXS a lot again pwi for so great news!!!!!


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    2x is good for farming ,if you cant farm a shet and cant make an income out of it its your problem
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    Great I can spend 2-3 hours in OHT to get some armors and ornaments. decompose it and feed my genie.This way I will save money and I wont have to buy perfect stones. And the rest in warsong. Need AA molds for my psy.
    I wish the badge be 2 x if posible. Oh well I cant have it all.

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    LOL day going by and warsong is done 1 x time for me in 10 hours! So its should be fun? Where is social game pwi keep pomissing? So unless you are S3 +12 or R9 -> you are not making any coins in this event on 2x drops. If you want to try it make a low level and dont give him/her any coins, stuff or gold! See if you can make it without the help off a high level or a so called social faction!
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    soleida wrote: »
    LOL day going by and warsong is done 1 x time for me in 10 hours! So its should be fun? Where is social game pwi keep pomissing? So unless you are S3 +12 or R9 -> you are not making any coins in this event on 2x drops. If you want to try it make a low level and dont give him/her any coins, stuff or gold! See if you can make it without the help off a high level or a so called social faction!

    The fact that you dont know how to make money with a fresh toon without the help of G16+12 or R9 player doesnt mean we are all idiots. Oh wait. I forgot that people like you want to be billionare in 1 day.
    In fact nobody is making money with the help of G16+12 or R9 players. Those will only help you once in a while with a BH or to kill some bosses but they will never help you to make money unless you are a member of the family or a very close friend.

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    drops are not the only way of making coin. people have told you this, but you respond with, "that's too boring" or "they're just going to take that away next". to which each has a problem.
    1: even if it's boring and i agree Jolly Jones is boring, if you're not willing to do something that makes you decent coin in game simply because it is too boring, then this isnt the game for you. As anyone who complains you think it's the gm/developer's fault, but the truth is what they chose to do on the Chinese server is the base, and the american servers have to accept it. the most they can do on the american side is localization, translation, cash shop sales, codes, and random events such as 2x.
    2: if they do take another coin farming thing away next, keep in mind, they haven't yet so it is still an available way to make coin, so do it while it is still available.

    as for doing TT mats solo. that is so they dont have to share the drops. if you squad you have to divy out the drops at the end so everyone gets an equal share, meaning you would only get 1/4-1/6 of the drops dependin on how many you have in squad. So the question is, do you solo so you dont split and make more profit because you can solo. or do you go with a squad because you cant solo and end up having to do more runs to get the amount of TT mats you need because you have to split the drops?

    Keep in mind that as a company anytime they do things like 2x or login promos or anything where we get more stuff than normal gameplay is money that is not in their pocket. They dont have to give us the events if it means a better profit for them. Sure some people might quit the game because it's not suited to a free to play player, but that's how most free to plays are. you have to put in real money to get the best stuff, unless you superman at farming and are patient enough to farm the coin and buy from cash shop players, but obviously you're not. Businesses in general will always cater to those who give them the most profit

    last. complaining on forums or in game is not going to resolve an issue that most people have worked around and that those on the chinese end will not change.
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    The only real argument against 2x is that this is the first one in a decent amount of time (seems to becoming a rare thing) and it was literally only for a day. If you wanna complain, complain about how short the 2x was..not about your lack of ability to farm anything.
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    Compared to most other games out there, this one actually spoils F2P players like you, me and so many others in some cases. Yes, I totally went there. No, I am not getting paid to say this.

    We get free stuff just for logging in. We get free stuff just for progressing in the game. We get almost free (takes just a few runs) good PvE armor and weapons from the new Quicksand Maze to last us well in our 90s so we can save coin for our endgame set up instead.
    Not to mention the log in Events they keep doing lately which are awesome because, you know, free War Avatars! They actually help you compensate a lot if your gear is temporarily sub-par.

    Sure, if you can only play 1-2 hours a day then I can see how it is very slow and painful to catch up even so. But the truth is, all MMOs require either financial or time investment. The progress path will never compare to that of a single player game.

    Still, you think now things are hard? Remember the over-glorified old times. When even finding one single 'White Quest' at a far away NPC you couldn't even auto path to was like a blessing from Pan Gu. We didn't have Available Quests tab back then.
    Everyone also ran around in 3-star drop or NPC armor. Having TT stuff was the absolute best. Now even lowbies can faceroll through dungeons because they are so much stronger than they could have been back then, with basically free things.

    I don't know what else to say to you. There are plenty of ways to take advantage of a 2x nowadays, don't fall into the "Can't see forest for the trees" category.
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    I don't see the problem here - even if you're not capable of farming the TT bosses, you can STILL make a good bit of money from various sources during x2:
    - Sharp Spear treasure maps -> Buy a bunch over time and do them all at once during x2. You should get at least a few map 4 and 5's out of it. Map 4 bosses can drop the Wing Daggers = 20 tome frags each. Map 5 bosses are nasty but drop stuff you can convert into Chrono Pages, usually a minimum of 3... last I checked those were still 2kk each.
    - Simple autocultivation vs world mobs. Not as rewarding but you'll get good xp and the coin drops will get you a good bit of profit too.
    - Lower TT instances. Sure, you need good gear to solo (or duo! Healer on heal macro + primary DD with aggro skill = potent combo) TT3-2 and 3-3 but there's TT 1-3 through 2-2 which tend to get overlooked a lot. Some of those mats are valuable.

    I love the events of late too - even if it's hard to do them all at times when you also have the Fulltime Job daily to take care of. I had to drop doing the regular dailies in favor of them simply because of time constraints.
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    Its pretty much just good for WS
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