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Veno, quest for change form

Aurashine - SanctuaryAurashine - Sanctuary Posts: 2 Arc User
edited June 2015 in Venomancer
I can pick up quest at NPC in lost at Venomancer Mei for the change form quest, however the next part of the quest is with the Untamed Elder and that NPC has no quests and the icon is not there. Any help is appreciated.
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  • SylenThunder - Twilight TempleSylenThunder - Twilight Temple Supprot Guru Posts: 7,908
    edited June 2015
    Seems like there is another sub-quest you have to complete first that isn't immediately obvious. I remember this stumping me on my veno for a while, though that's partially because I hardly play her. I also recall some threads on this a while ago, so you may want to poke around the forums a bit for the solution as well.

    Also, setting up a poll for this was interesting. Multiple choice was a bad idea though.
  • Mayfly - DreamweaverMayfly - Dreamweaver Posts: 6,094 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    Never had an issue with it, with 2 venos.
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  • teethewickedteethewicked Posts: 107 Arc User
    edited June 2015
    IF you mean the quest to bring the special item to the npc to change form, if you don't want to CS for the stone you have to do a very long and involved quest chain, and you need to be level 100. I think it's not too hard overall, except for the final boss and the beginning parts in SoT.

    I honestly think PW purposefully designed this quest to discourage actually doing it over CSing. It definitely made me feel accomplished when I finally got Spirit Fox without CSing, like a big middle finger to PW. >:)
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