Morai Orders

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Is there usually a preference for demon sins to specify which order they go into first?

PVE only, demon sin...I was thinking aybe luminance(sp?) for blood frenzy first?

Or do you think other skills should be gotten first so I can do FWS, solo TT runs, etc?
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    None of the morai skills or Lv100 celestial skills for sins are required to solo anything or farming stuff... Getting Blood frenzy isnt a bad choice I suppose, but if you can afford it I would just buy the chrono pages and skip the luminance order totally. The skill in lumi for 5k prestige is pretty much useless anyway. It will save you a lot of time, you could farm the money for chrono pages faster than you can do the dailies every day for 7k prestige.
    Personally I really like 'Share the Stealth' though (shroud), which forces you into stealth when your shadow escape is on cooldown. Can really be a lifesaver in some situations. This would probably be my first choice if I were to start with my sins skills again.
    Shadow sight (corona), the inventory peeking skill, is really fun to have besides it dont really do anything useful, and I believe spell cutter is from there too? (7k prestige skill anyway) you want to be able to interrup bosses. Spell cutter is my favorite skill for it, though if you have demon knife throw that works too.

    I got spell cutter from my pestle quest that why I dont remember what order its from. If you didnt do yours already you may be lucky getting one of the celestial skills too.
    ~ not that there is that much to see (yet?)
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    every order have some stuff to give u.
    cgeck what u can get from every order and chose that one that will give u the most. u can change orders later till u have 7k in every order and then swiching for that u need.
    luminance gives cube letters, corona atack charms, shroud def charms and pv pills, diffrent order gives diffrent shards too, so u gotta practicly check for urself what u ant and finish all the 3 orders

    edit: i first chose corona for the inventory looking thing, it's very usefull.(share the stealth is nice too at shroud)