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  • SylenThunder - Twilight Temple
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    It is interesting, most people can't understand what is this problem about. Free players farm everything, spend much time on farming, so now 1 more thing to farm instead of being free. To make a g16 piece you have to farm tt/lunar for mats, nw, warsong, and lunar for EoD's but yes, simplify this as "no afforts":D. It means you need more time to spend on farming what u could spend for talk, help others, or simply play for enjoy the game. Because free players are paying too - with their time. There was an item what was free and it is not free anymore, you cant count with it. All can decide their time worths or not to farm more in the future but all have the opportunity to be disappointed about it and tell it here, because it is a forum.

    It's not like we weren't farming it before. We will just go back to doing it again. Free-to-play usually means spending extra time doing monotonous tasks. It's expected.

    Personally, it's easier to just merchant more than it is to farm.
  • Jadsia - Lost City
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    Please wait a week or two. Once sub prices go through the roof, botting mats becomes profitable, bot-owners switch routes. Not surprising that the practise was abandoned after talismans, you'd be getting more from npc'ing the mats at <20k per sub.

    I have some empathy for you all on PvE servers but on LC a favorite pastime for many bored r9rrr's is to pk the **** out of botters. I hate PK but I would have no problem tormenting and killing illegal farming bots. I used my nix to burn an entire plat charm off a seeker bot farming herbs.
    I **** bigger than you...

    Shut up and play the game.....Damn
  • Joshuason - Raging Tide
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    I just saw a catshop that had subs for 30k when everyone else was trying to sell em for 60k! Of course i bought 150 of those! b:chuckle I only have a barb and sin that need level 80 and 90 wrists and boots and down the road, of course, lvl 99 TT gear. BTW, just got my first ever piece of lunar HA which is of course T2. There are so many directions you can go in this game but they all take effort and time if your FTP. I probably could have had R8 or even full T3 alot sooner, but it all depends on what effort(and luck sometimes) I(me) put in and get. Just a note of mention, it costs about 10-12m to get that lunar T2 plate to +6(dang that stuff was harder to refine than my bound T3 cape :O Oh well, on the flip side, I really don't need to shard either my once rerolled T3 cape(+7) or my +6 plate for awhile! Still enjoying and learning this game. b:pleased I think I may get a cyber tent and camp in Lunar for awhile, LOL Yeah, a dear friend in game was crying and crying about the loss of subs from the tali's(I always bought mine in south Archo) and I felt like telling them to shut up already and play the game, LOL! Well, since I almost broke half the bank on refing the other day, I guess I'll just have to play and merch sum stuff, God forbid! b:chuckle See you all in game! b:victory
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