PWI May Login Event: Complete Details

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Greetings, as most of you are aware, PWI recently announced a two week login event during the month of May. Unfortunately, due to lack of detail, foresight, and specifications, a vast majority of you are extremely confused about the actual specifics of the event.

I've taken it upon myself to clear this all up.

Basic Rules:
  • -This event will last from May 6th, 2015 at at 12:00 PM PDT to May 22nd, 2015 at 10:00 PM PDT
  • -Each day you login will be counted towards your rewards.
  • -The days are separated by midnight UTC. This is the same time Hyper EXP stones and Meridians reset. For a time zone conversion, use:
  • -This is a character based event. Having a different character log in for your account each day will not qualify you for the rewards.
  • -To qualify, each character you wish to earn a reward on must be logged in separately. If you have five characters and want rewards on all five, then all five characters will have to qualify separately.
  • -Staying continuously logged in will not count towards your rewards. You must log out and then log back in each day in order to claim the reward.
  • -This means it is best to relog after midnight UTC if you were already online at that time. Otherwise, you risk not being counted as logging in for that new day.
  • -To qualify for Tiers 1 and 2, you do not need to be logged on for 3 and 7 days consecutively. The tiers are purely based on the total amount of days you logged in during this event.

Tier 1 - Login at least three days during the login promotion to receive:
  • -Profundity Scroll I Ticket x10
  • -War Avatar Chest: B x6
  • -War Avatar Pack: S x1

Tier 2 - Login at least seven days during the login promotion to receive:
  • -War Avatar Pack S x3
  • -Demon/Sage Event Card Ticket x3
  • -VIP Gold Crown Ticket x1

Tier 3 - Login at least 14 days during the login promotion to receive:
  • -War Avatar Chest: A x6
  • -War Avatar Pack S x3
  • -VIP Platinum Crown Ticket x1

Please be patient and wait 2-3 hours after your character has qualified to receive your rewards. If, and only if, that time has passed without receiving a reward, should you inquire on the forums or via ticket at for additional assistance.

Additional Notes:
  • -Any account made before or during this event will be eligible to receive any rewards they qualify for.
  • -All rewards will be sent to your character's mailbox in game. This means you should leave some space in your mailbox in order to receive all rewards properly.
  • -All items are character bound. You will not be able to transfer anything via the account stash, so be certain to qualify on characters you want the rewards on.

If you feel this post is missing any information, feel free to send me a private message via the link in my signature. Thank you, and happy gaming!
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