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Phoenix 3-1

schatar#2784 schatar Posts: 0 Arc User
edited March 2015 in Venomancer
Hello, I've been doing 3-1 for a while and I like to use macro to kill Coredash, Deathflow and Ilusion Nemen. I'm using Hercules to kill them but he's not the strongest pet and I'm wondering If I put blessing and protect on my phoenix will she be able to tank those 3 bosses or should I put claw on my Hercules?


  • Mayfly - DreamweaverMayfly - Dreamweaver Posts: 6,094 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Phoenix comes with Blessing of the Pack (HP buff), you're probably thinking of Strong (pdef buff).

    Yes, in all probability a nix with strong and protect will be able to tank them fine, and faster than a herc with claw.
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