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The Waiting Game + My Randomness

dat1guyydat1guyy Posts: 119 Arc User
edited February 2015 in Stormbringer
I was originally going to post this on with my cleric avatar but seems the forum avatars are broken again probably due to 2 the new classes. Now we have to wait out the longest wait for our sage/demon skills, aeu/morai/aeu/primal skill books, rrr9 gear, nw r9 ring. You know what they say, the longer the wait the more better the outcome (hopefully)? b:thanks

For the meantime I am doing all my dailies in morai and primal to get that surplus of spirit from reaching boundaries as well as the primal passives. So far already reached Astral Sky 1 and level 7/7/1 passives learned thanks to UCH. Still the biggest change will have to be our skillbooks.

There is a skill which gives 400 chi over 20 seconds that only has 90 seconds cool-down! Imagine a situation where you disconnected or entered an instance that took away all your chi, well now you can ramp up as fast as a 5 APS sin auto-attacking (combine with skill spamming for an easy 25 or 30 chi gain per second).

I know other players maybe be just trying the class out for fun which I what I did at first. But then I found a huge passion for playing this class and now I plan to make this toon my new main and hopefully surpass my lv 105/105/101 rrr9+10 cleric that I farmed all last year. Even with just rr9 weapon I have to say this class already has awesome aspects. If I can reach the same base magic damage with my stormbringer I can see so much ease this toon will have. I can just run and one shot mobs left and right without the need for a stop and a lag delay to start channeling a skill in one place.

In pvp it gets even better, your target running away? Chase down and hit them still while moving. Your target closing in? Run backwards and hit them still while safely keeping a good distance. People might assume this is easy to do but controlling the camera angle, wasd keys, and hotkeys are all necessary to make the jump from a good Storm to an excellent Storm. On the ground it is fairly simple, but once you talk about aerial combat it goes from 2D to 3D. In UCH I practiced to even orbit about targets in every direction (which can **** off healers lol).

Unfortunately in most PVE instances we am taught to stand still so other melee classes don't have to chase moving mobs or bosses. Heck, I was even told to NOT use Avatar of the Storm because it "lagged" their computer... despite it dealing huge damage to bosses which allowed me to aggro over full rrr9s with just my unfinished rr9. Too bad it won't count once we PVP. I can already see endless tears and rage like "Stupid noob, stay still and fight!" But the funny truth is that is how we fight best. b:chuckle

Previous PWI mechanics told us moving and attacking could not happen simultaneously but now that tradition is broken. Sins, Barbs, BMs are probably going to be among the worse victims of stormbringers in the future since they have to deal with Purify Proc (if rrr9) as well as Reaper Form and Electrostatic Discharge. b:cute
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  • bloodedone87bloodedone87 Posts: 1,883 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    Not to use Avatar of the Storm cause it makes them lag?

    Never heard something more stupid in my lifeb:laugh

    If someone tells me not to use Avatar cause it can make them lag ill laugh and still use it.
    Not my fault cause they have crappy computers or **** internet.
    For real a skill of a player even being an Aoe skill do not cause the other players to lag.

  • Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    Welcome to my world xD

    Already at astral sky VIII, passives at 10/9/9, close to my first lvl104, running around with the same gears for 7 weeks now.

    I was in high hopes each and every maint that we might get the skills/gears. But nope. I do think that its gonna be this maint tho cause its exactly 2 months past the initial update. Lets hope for the best.
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  • dat1guyydat1guyy Posts: 119 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    Joe, you are a god when it comes to grinding. To be honest a lot of people were surprised how far I've gotten in so little time after the expansion but they haven't seen you yet. b:shocked

    As for now, I am duoing on both my Cleric and Storm for 6 PVs daily and hopefully 12 per day once my Storm reaches 5000 prestige in Shroud in about 7 more days. It is fairly easy to do as I just leave my Storm following my Cleric and if she would take a bit of aggro from the mobs I can simply Soothing Pulse her and transfer aggro onto my Cleric in the middle of the run. Right now I am able to gain only half the EXP of each pull since my Cleric is in squad but soon I hope to learn to leave squad at the end and apply Apoths and enough AOE Damage to soak up all the EXP for my Storm. With time and the rrr9 release, my Storm will hopefully be well geared to be able to full pull PV with just crabs, Reaper Form, and possibly a charm if needed.

    I already have farmed 1080 Supply Tokens from NW to craft the recast rank 9 ring once it arrives from doing a few NWs. The only things I have left to do is farm coins for my future refines, stock up on bloods for our unknown primal skills, farm prestige and influence for Morai skillbooks, farm badges for rrr9 rerolls, and of course reach level 105/105/105. I am not looking into like full +12 or JOSD anytime soon since that will cost a hell lot of farming or merching, but I like the look of staying around rrr9+10 with incomparable garnet shards, while farming maybe a few +11 here and there when I can find time.

    On the otherhand, War Avatar A Packs are not liking me and gave me way more C cards than they should have. I really just want to reach 10 A cards to get my S card hopefully in Destroyer or Battle.

    What I have to say I like the most is that you can't really say the new classes received free ocean orbs or power-leveling from Illusionary Crystal or Hypered FC. It is still possible to bank the Ocean Orbs from the code and account stash them over but it is very unlikely since everyone rushed to use them on their toons as soon as possible. It gives a lot of respect to those players that will surpass the leveling challenge as well as the refine costs and the wait for future skills. I know a ton of Illusionary Crystal toons that easily reach 100 within seconds. Then after reawakening, they have all their quests still available to finish with 4x or 3.5x EXP multiplier.

    I am not sure whether you will main your Stormbringer above your other awesome toons Joe, but your Stormbringer progress is exceptional. I hope to catch up a little bit since PWI is giving us such a long wait for our gears and skills. b:chuckle
  • Sylvae - SanctuarySylvae - Sanctuary Posts: 1,018 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    dat1guyy wrote: »

    Not sure about leveling difficulty, there are a couple on each server who rebirthed the first week, some by 2nd week. Past 100/100/100, it's going to be based off of openers and how quickly they were geared up. So being on the same account as exsiting mains helps, since they can power through it quick with xp items and highly refined gear swaps.

    For morai though, one thing to think about is the different orders and what prestige level is required for skills. The unfortunate thing is while we know which order supposedly has what, we don't know how much prestige each one will require; other than the 100 skill anyways, which unfortunately haven't seen which order it is yet.

    So once you hit max prestige might need to swap to another order, just to keep the prestige you are earning increasing. Also if you grab morai weapon, that's 900 influence gone real fast. So you need to earn about 620 more influence in shroud before jumping. That's where my SB is at, and have to wonder if 100 will be stacked in shroud with the other skill, or in lumi or corona.

    If you already have R9 weapon, you might want to jump each time you hit 5263 or 7k prestige. 5263 will leave you with 5k on re-joining, letting you quickly jump between the order quickly and then final in the one with the 100 skill. Or alternatively have others on same account situated to grab each book, and account stash it over to get them all the same day.
  • dark8hamsterdark8hamster Posts: 23 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    dat1guyy wrote: »
    As for now, I am duoing on both my Cleric and Storm for 6 PVs daily

    could you make a video with PV?
    Sorry for my english, I'm from Russia b:surrender
  • Joe - MoraiJoe - Morai Posts: 1,299 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    XD I kinda regret having rushed things the way I did cause it was stressful to say the least ._.

    I planned on rushing my stormy tho, 5 months before the actual expansion happened to be exact. I rolled the storm on my veno twinks acc so i had full g16 +7/8 already lying around. I also have around 500 ws badges lying in my acc stash just for the purpose of rolling r9rr immidiatly once it's released xD

    As for Sky Levels...ya sky pirate drake was the key pretty much. Still have like 40 pearls lying around with 300 spare Bloods lying around as well xD

    As for PV. I did 5 solo runs with my stormy which is a major pain in the **** without purify spell..but ya I managed. Now I run 7 pvs together with my gfs cleric. Thats nearly the same exp and goes mich smoother.

    I also have anything prepared for the ring. Just need to farm another 150 golds to be full +10 and afterwards I only need the NW neck and am done with gears.

    I am currently in luminance. I did not expect the update to take that long but I knew that I would wanna get all skills asap..so I decided to get into shroud for pv as the last step. Kinda sucks atm tbh but with the prestige boosting blessings it won't be that bad I guess. The skills are worth it. Freaking imba.
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  • dat1guyydat1guyy Posts: 119 Arc User
    edited February 2015
    could you make a video with PV?

    I have my old video of when I did it while I had LA helm and cape.


    My run is a lot similar only with buffs and a Stormbringer following me during the run. Since I now I have pure magic build (all points into MAG) I can do PV with Sultra Power Orbs from RW at almost free. You can see my updated video on my 934 Magic statted Cleric with the help of history levels and the transferring of my STR all into MAG.


    My factionmates were a bit worried about me declaring to switch to main a Stormbringer since I worked so long and hard on this Cleric. Which is true but I tend to set high goals which all started from a simple 15mil Ashura's Bracer for my Sin 2 years ago. My latest goal accomplished was last summer when I farmed 2.3 bil for my Emperor Tome. I can promise them and you that I will work even harder and faster than last year. b:cute

    So far my Storm is 102/102/100 only being 53 days old. I jumped on Neumas, Primals, Morai, etc as soon as I could to get progress going. I knew Primals and Morai can take months but since I farmed 7000 prestige on all 3 order on my Cleric to obtain all the free skillbooks and chrono ones, I figured I could do the same (hopefully).
    Since we don't know which skill is in what I figure it did not matter since I was going to eventually get them all. I joined Shroud but only used the lowest prestige badge to get it out of the way. I regret this now because I am so close to 5000 prestige for the extra PV Token. b:cry
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