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Arc "login has timed out"

Tsukishi - DreamweaverTsukishi - Dreamweaver Posts: 50 Arc User
edited October 2014 in Support Desk
Since last night I have not been able to log into arc to get onto pwi. Every time I try it i get the message "login has timed out, check your internet connection". Clearly it is not my internet connection as im on the same pc i have been trying to connect to arc with.

I tried the suggested things, restarting computer, resetting router/modem. i added arc to be allowed by my firewall even. And yes i did send in a ticket but i want to fix this now. No offense, but every support ticket i've sent in the past literally just got a response that was a link to the suggested solutions to common technical issues; which i already tried several times now.

Anyone have other helpful advice or know what to do here? thanks
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