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adragontailadragontail Posts: 0 Arc User
edited October 2014 in Off-Topic Discussion
Hello Guys,
Been Playing this game since 2010. So I just want you guys to know what I play and If you got question about any of the class I am playing, I be happy to share my gaming experience. So Here are the list of all my toon:

1. Archer Sage 102/101/85...this is working progress to reach lv 100 rb2. Full T3 Gear. rank 8 recast bow
and T3 sling shott and T3 cross bow.
2. Barbarian Sage rank9rr 103/103...still working on shard and rank 9 belt n wealpon.
3. Seeker Sage Full T3 102..not sure if I am goin go rb this
4. Sin Demon....lame aps atm 102
5. Sin Sage---3.33 aps T3 weapon
6. Cleric Demon 102/102 Full T3
7. Veno Sage 102/101 Full T3
8. Psy Demon 102...lame gear T3 weapon
9. BM 86
10.Mystic 81
11. Wizie 55 - Archousar server

That's all I have. b:cry
b:cute Will you love me if I am anything but what I am?
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