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War Avatar Sets

DarkSkiesx - DreamweaverDarkSkiesx - Dreamweaver Posts: 1,355 Arc User
edited January 2014 in General Discussion
A guide to all the S-A war avatar sets cards bonuses and general info/opinion.

*Work in progress*

Compiled some info about the sets below.

Post SS of set bonuses if you would like to contribute (hover over a card that forms part of a set equipped in the right slot)

DS - Destroyer - Patt/Matt
BT - Battle - Patt/Matt
LG - Longevity - HP/Pdef
DR - Durability - HP/Mdef
SP - Soulprime - Spirit
LP - Lifeprime - Spirit

White stats are affected by the set bonus, blue stats are not, you need to equip all cards of a set in the right slot to gain the set bonus.

Info on White stats
--Asterelle - Sanctuary

Each class has their own multiplier for the white stats from each card.

BM/Barb/Seeker get 140% from Longevity / 80% from Durability
Archer gets 80% Longevity / 120% Durability
Sin gets 80% Longevity / 120% Durability / 75% Battle / 75% Destroyer
Cleric/Mystic/Veno/Wiz/Psychic get 40% Longevity / 140% Durability

Everything else is 100%. These multipliers apply to card base stats, stats from leveling up cards, and to the stats you get from Nuema. They apply equally to all the base stats on the card (so the HP and the Mres on a Durability card get the same multiplier).

A card vs S card

Magic number is 1.35

Initial white stats of A card x 1.35 = Initial white stats of S card
e.g. A card 50 spirit S card 67.5 (68) spirit
e.g. A card 200 p/matt S card 270 p/matt

Initially exp to lvl for A card is 10xp and for S card its 10 x 1.35 = 13.5 (14xp)
Exp to lvl goes up by 1xp every 10 levels on A card and 1.35xp for S card.

A card max lvl is 40 ~450xp
S card max lvl is 80 ~1456xp

There are 52 S cards and 70 A cards.

Note: There is a reported issue where S cards cannont be devoured by other S cards once leveled. This has been patched in PWCN but there is no news on when/if this patch will arrive here. I would advise leveling A cards to 'hold exp' until you get a good set of S cards rather than randomly leveling an S card to 60+ and then getting the same type of card which belongs to a better set. :o
DarkSkiesx - Demon Archer

DarkSeasx - Sage Assassin



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