Acct Wide Wardrobe....

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So today my wife and I were talking about fashion (in game ofc :p) while going about our daily business, MQ and such, and like most people we have alts who we like to share our fash with and we always end up talking about what fash would look good on what toon. Amongst other things married couples talk about b:shutup

(Quick disclaimer: I never thought or talked about fashion so much until I met her b:embarrass)

But today I had the idea, why not make the wardrobe acct wide.
I'm not talking about the account stash, yes this is good (for example) if you have alts you want to share gear with so you can do your dailys (Base Quests, BH100's etc) and stash your gear again back to your main to do whatever you want to then, but how many times do you have to switch more than once because your acct stash is storage to other stuff/junk/not enough room in my bank to store this, I'm bad for multiple genies for different uses and they end up there for easy access.

This is how it works...

1. Every Wardrobe Stone you brought on one character would open 8 slots on every one of characters wardrobe on that account (I don't remember if one stone opens 8 or 16 but this just illustrates my theory). You still can't exceed the 200 slot max capacity total, you would lose space total overall if you have multiple toons with a max wardrobe totally full.

2. Every fashion set you create in the Fashion Change menu would be available to all your characters on the same account. Even if your main is currently wearing one set when you switch to an alt, an alt could wear that that same set your main has. You can't log your own account more than once at the same time so your main (who you're not currently playing) will have no clothes on until you switch back then press one button and they're wearing all their fash again.

3. Obviously Lvl requirements, gender restrictions and safety locks cant be bypassed.

4. This bit is tricky and will cause probably the most debate. Some people have a big wardrobe already, so to buy again a full acct wide wardrobe would be annoying to say the least but perhaps an item like the acct stash stone to upgrade pre-existing wardrobes. Or (and this is vote) PWI just upgrades our wardrobes for free b:cute

I know this is a bit of a long shot but if I don't try..... anyway, if you think of something to add/modify/make better have your say.

I'll update when they fix rubberbanding in the game. b:bye