PWI Update Took So Long!

McBern - Archosaur
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If possible let the system download just the part of the update.
Dont let us download the whole thing. It took us 4-8hours to complete the update.

Just download the piece of update then run it on the client pc and then update the affected part of the system.

This is very disgusting to all players.b:shocked
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  • Bramblethorn - Dreamweaver
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    took me 3 hours at 8/mbs to download this new update That is sad after having to

    reinstall which took 3and 1/2 hours. that is a lot of time spent just waiting for this

    client to be able to run. I stopped using STEAM for this very reason .
  • McBern - Archosaur
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    Yeah they should find some ways to cut-down time for a small system updates. :(
    As if we are reinstalling the whole PWI program. so bad.
  • Untamed_pain - Archosaur
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    took me a lil over an hour b:victory
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  • Sizzer - Raging Tide
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    Using manual patches to update for expansion cuts-down about 70% of the time. b:victory
    Took me like 10 mins to get download the manual patch and just 1 min to update the game.
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