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Alright, before I begin let me just point out that the irony here, is that the person in black and white boxes asked me to fight him and to record it. He was somewhat angry when I told him I did not want to open my recording program.

I warn you, the content you are about to view is chock full of home-style deliciousness that only I can deliver, do not accept any imitation.

name still in this one
It has begun.
Yes, my child.
Let it flow.
and this one
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    That was just Epic. Wish you had recorded the vid. b:chuckle

    I've had people react similarly to me back in the day when gear was better balanced and I would go around RPKing for kicks.
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    You missed covering up a couple names in the screen shots. I saw the QQer's name twice.
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    Ah so you owned that "seeker" and he's now complaining about you posting vids about a game he doesn't own a single pixel of.

    He got good gears but actually any seeker I know plays way better then him. I rarely see him using combos and stuff, but same goes for nearly anyone on our server.

    We are just not a pro server like Sanctuary was for example. We got way too much casual and cashshop nubs here.

    I'm actually glad that for once we have a nice BM now here with us, thx Zan xDD
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    Well done~
    He should learn from his defeat instead of throwing a fit over it getting recorded, but its always fun to see someone get rectally moist over being beaten
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    Proving that not only archers do math since 2009. b:victory
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    closed for naming and shaming.

    Thanks to MikoTenshi for the Avi and Kritty for the Signature.
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