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[READ THIS BEFORE POSTING] Submission Guidelines

v4liancev4liance Posts: 579 Arc User
edited April 2013 in Quality Corner
Submission Guidelines:

This forum is a place where you can voice your concerns and opinions and point out serious bugs. General issues related to Tech Support, Billing, or Customer Service should be routed via the support page: https://support.perfectworld.com.

To make it easier to find and respond to issues, please keep the following in mind:
- Search the forum for your issue before creating a new thread. If someone else has already reported your concern, add your information to their thread. Even if you have nothing new to add, simply saying that you are experiencing the same problem gives us a better idea of how many people are affected by it.
- Each issue should have its own separate thread. Do not create threads containing multiple different issues, and do not add unrelated issues to existing threads.
- It's okay to "necro" threads here. It is possible for an issue to be addressed in one version, only to reappear later. If you search for your issue, and find a thread that describes it perfectly that hasn't been updated in several months, go ahead and add your info to it anyway!
- Use the correct in-game names for everything, and try not to abbreviate.

Do not publicly report exploits. Please use the private message feature and report it to the appropriate authority.

Remember: Just because we haven't replied to a thread yet doesn't mean we haven't seen it.

Submission Format:

Your thread title will tell people what type of concern it is, and where you found it.

Type - Category - Location - Description of the problem.

- Types: What type of problem is it? Graphics, Sound, Text, Gameplay, Crash, or Collision. You can use the thread prefixes to select the Type.
- Categories: Examples are Quests, Items, Skills, NPCs, or User Interface. You can include two if it makes sense, for example Quest Item or Item Skill.
- Location: Where did you see the problem? This narrows the issue down further into a more specific subsection. Which zone is the quest or NPC in? Which interface is it in? Which class uses the skill you're talking about?
- Description: A short and simple explanation of the problem, so that people can easily find the issue they're looking for without having to open every thread to read the details. If the issue occurs with a specific quest, item, NPC, or skill, its name should be included here.

[Text] - Skill - Sorcerer - Rapid Blasts skill gives a buff that is in Korean

The body of the post should give more details on what exactly you did to cause the issue.

First, write down the starting point, including any requirements necessary to begin following your steps. If someone would need to be level 30 in a particular class, or be friendly with a certain faction, say so.

After that, include all steps necessary to get from that starting point to your issue, in the form of a numbered list. Be as specific as possible.

After the steps, the next section is the result you got from following those steps. This should be very similar to the Description in your thread title. Try to keep it short.

1. Log in with a level 11+ Sorcerer.
2. Learn the Sorcerer skills "Flame Impact" and "Rapid Blasts"
3. Use the Rapid Blasts skill.
4. Mouse over the buff that appears when the skill is used.

RESULT: The buff's name and description are in Chinese.

Whenever possible, include a screenshot or video of the problem you are describing.
A video is better for an audio or animation bug, but wouldn't make a lot of sense for a text bug.
Upload these files if you have them, and include the link in your thread.

Thanks so much!

- The PWI Team
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