The Ultimate Food Thread

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What did you eat today? Was it delicious or gastronomic horror experience? Worth it?

Kitty ate some horn trollers. They wasn't good, but at least won't horn again.
And Kitty ate also some bunny shops. Bunnieeess...
Not to forgot that Kitty also ate some cookiez. Kitty won't give any to other...or maybe one for Colum.b:chuckle
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  • crystalpink
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    Noo, you don't eat bunnies >___<;;;;

    My dinner was crispy chicken wings with spicy salt + steamed white rice
    (O.o )
    ( > < )
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  • Ready_rescue - Lost City
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    Had myself beef patties covered in delicious seasoning and crushed red pepper. Made for an amazing burger :D!
  • laloner
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    Don't tell me I'm not unique, I'm the only non-mexican in the world who eats carnitas burritos. Love that stuff had it today.
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  • johnasjade1
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    I like To Eat Momos Very Much...
  • Esnemyl - Dreamweaver
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    Banana and Cheese sandwhich with Cadbury Philidelphia cheese spread.
    Soudns gross but... its amazing o.o
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  • Xainou - Sanctuary
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    Breakfast so far xD
    Bread, some bacon and lots of fruit o,_,o

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  • Fonyan - Heavens Tear
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    Didn't eat anything, just drank water. I'm a monster!

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