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Hand graphic improvements needed

Blueturtle - DreamweaverBlueturtle - Dreamweaver Posts: 87 Arc User
edited March 2012 in Suggestion Box
I think players should be able to adjust the size of our character’s hands. Also, if you look closely, you can see characters with big hands not even holding their weapon: its defying gravity! When you shrink the arms, the hands stay the same size. When you thicken the arms, the hands stay the same size.
The graphics could use a serious touch up. My characters have hands that look as if they have been pressed on with a rolling pin. I am sure many hundreds of other people have the same rolling pinned-looking hands.
The imperfectness is killing me because this is supposed to be a Perfect World, not a distorted world!

PS. I did try photo bucket and tiny pic to try and post my own pictures of my character's hands, but for some reason it does not work well with Internet explorer. It just doesn't save. (Sigh) There just isn't enough product testing in this world, is there?
Serving all but trusting no one but myself,Blueturtle.
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