Brazilian site has new expansion Seeker skills and pics

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Most of the skill descriptions have been rehashed elsewhere but no details had been given back then about the update to Seeker's "Broken Kettle tactic" skill which had apparently been "strengthened" from its original description of... reduce defense lvls by 40% while increasing attack lvls by 50% of whatever the 40% defense reduction was. And lets face it... outside of R9 Seekers and their insane defense lvls, this skill was basically useless as it was described then.

Well PWI Brazil has it now being:

Broken Kettle Tactic
MP Cost: 163
Casting: 1.2 seconds
Duration (channel): 0.8 seconds
Standby: 60.0 segundos

Required Weapon: Blade or Sword
Cultivation Requirements: Mahayana
Required Level: 100

Coins Needed: 3,000,000
Soul Required: 3,000,000
Required Faction: Shadow

Reduces your Defence level by 40% to increase your Attack Level by 50%.
The positive and negative effects are independent of skills.

Requires 20 Vitality.

Well if the translation is correct... the attack level buff is now independent of the defense lvl debuff. Good time to stock up on those DoT shards. b:victory

The downside of course is that the... "positive and negative effects are independent of skills" comment may now mean that the negative defense debuff can no longer be purified/transferred. b:cry