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Frequently Made Suggestions: Check here before posting!

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Got an awesome idea to make Perfect World a better place? Cool, we'd love to hear it! But before you post, please make sure that your suggestion hasn't already been made before so that you can get full answer to your question and make the forums a more fun place for all.

Please note these are not made in the order that they appear and that this is by no means a comprehensive list of every suggestion ever made. And without further to do, here are the most frequently made suggestions! Please keep all discussion of these suggestions to the most recent thread they appear in, and not on this page. This is merely a reference tool, NOT a discussion about the validity of the answers.

We should be able to transfer servers!

There are no announced changes for this, and there will unlikely be any time soon.

The character ID cannot be changed because it interferes with the database.

However, you can in fact save your characters look. Simply get a makeover scroll and save your character as a preset. Then when you make your new character you can use that preset to enjoy the same looks. Also with a bit of luck, your name hasn't been taken on the other server as they do not share a database. Also note that it is not expressly against the ToS to offer items and coins to other players on one server for items and coins on the other server. But you must exercise caution and do at your own risk. PWI cannot be held responsible if you lose your items to another player in a bad trade. Again this is NOT recommended by PWI (nor myself, to be honest) but it is also NOT against the terms of service. If you decide to do this, you do it your own risk.

Allow people to change the names of their characters or faction!

You can now buy identity stones in the boutique to change your characters name.

Same Sex Carrying/Marriage

Due to the current law in China, Perfect World is unable to program this particular change into it's game as all content is developed and produced in China. Please note that this does not necessarily reflect the views of Perfect World International, nor the views of other players and or forum moderators. Also, politics are not to be discussed in the suggestion forum so any thread created about this will have to be locked. This is not the mod's decision and does not necessarily reflect their personal beliefs or that of Perfect World Entertainment. It is merely to facilitate the discussion of game related ideas so that people from all view points can feel free to post and discuss.

Gender Change Scrolls!

Gender Change is now here! Changing gender will end any marriages. Cannot be used on Untamed race.

Allow for male Venos and female barbs!

These particular characters are actually derived from centuries old Chinese mythology, and as such there is no plan to alter them. If you are looking for a good class to tank or use pets, and really don't want to play a specific gender for whatever reason the Earthguard class is now available. While the Seeker and Mystic are not exactly the same as Venos and Barbs. And differ in very important ways the seeker is a suitable tank in most situations and the mystic summon does allow you to play with a companion making a pretty decent solo class.

Have Venos/Barbs take on their real true forms eg wolf form

The older classes are unlikely to receive an update on this, as mentioned because the werefox is part of Chinese mythology.

Unbinding charm/service/item/npc should be available

At this time there is no plan for Perfect World International to offer an unbinding service as it runs contrary to express purposes of selling binding charms. Please remember that binding the items serves more than the purpose of preventing your gear from being dropped in PK, it also prevents other from selling your item/keeping your item if your account is compromised. Selling unbinding services would remove this protection. Please take the decision to bind items seriously and make sure you are comfortable NOT selling the item before binding your gear. If you want to protect yourself from dropping in PK, there are other options available to you including Guardian scrolls and safety lock. The last option is particularly attractive because you can set it for 30 minute intervals so that you don't have to wait that long if you should decide you want to do something other than PK and go blue name instead.And unlike guardian charms it is not consumable. Guardian charms are also attractive in that the protect your exp as well.

Update Old Classes/Create New Classes!

If you have a new class suggestion you feel would be awesome, feel free to post it. In order to receive more responses though, I suggest before you post them that you think them out all the way through. What would their weapons be? What would their skills be? How would you retrcon them with the current storyline of PWI? What would they look like as the default? How would you prevent them from causing problems with balance issues? If an older class, how would you make sure you aren't nerfing a particular class to much. What about changes through gear? How would this affect balance in PvE? PvP? Think outside of just your classes' perspective. In general, the more detailed the better.

Guild Base Battles/Duels/PK!

At this time, Guild base wars have been cancelled according to the community manager. However It has now been replaced with the Faction Trials. However, there is a new mass PvP game system that was introduced with the new sirens of war expansion. Since nation placement is random balanced, even low level players have a chance to PvP and earn rewards that they can use for some of the most powerful gear in-game!

Remove Packs from the Boutique!

Frankie has already announced they will be a permanent fixture in the boutique indefinitely. Also keep in mind that many players rely on the tokens that they provide, and those tokens provide a source of income for many free to play merchants. If you having trouble making money, you could try your hand at merchanting yourself. You don't have to have a lot money to start. Check out WarrenWolfy's guide to merchanting for tips and tricks to earning coin

Friends List/Blacklist Expansion!

This hasn't happened in a long time. If you find yourself lacking space, here are some suggestions for managing your friends list/blacklist, to use in the meanwhile.

A. Don't add guildies
At first glance this may seem like a mean suggestion, but you can always tell when a faction mate is online pressing the "G" hotkey and sorting the faction list by status. This will tell you if that person is online or not. From there you can also whisper them, and add them to squads.

B. Only add people you actually know, or plan to run with often.

At first you may be tempted to add everyone in a particularly competent BH team, but unless you plan on running with these people again and are willing to foster a relationship with them it's best to leave room on your friends list you do plan on communicating or running with more often. For example, a nirvana perma squad with people you can trust to not steal drops.

C. If you are friends with someone on your alt, and are mostly going to run with them on your alt don't add them to your main character or other alts.

Its easy enough to simply whisper them and let them know you are planning to switch to your main, and then whisper them on there. This also helps makes thing easier if you end up having a falling out with the person because you don't have to remember every single character they play should you need to blacklist them later.

D. Do not add people who are world chatting to your permanent blacklist

Instead go into your UI and edit your settings for your trade channel, which is the least commonly used channel. Make sure you select faction, squad, and common chat as viewable in there (or whatever setup you feel you want to see always) and then use that channel as your default catch-all channel for viewing all communications. This way you do not have to view world chat but all of your channels are still viewable in one place. When you DO need to use world chat, simply temporarily block the biggest spammers in world chat until you are finished. Or you can choose to ignore them to get a better idea of how often your message is being pushed out of the chat channel. This saves your list for people who genuinely belong in there (i.e. people who rip off drops in squads, or who are harassing you)

Ini Edits/Tideborn hair on other classes/Sparkly Earthguard eyes on other classes!

Facial Ini edits are now allowed, this includes skin textures and boutique hair on barbs. Body size edits are unlikely to be allowed in the foreseeable future due to possible exploits.

Pets for other classes!

At the moment, the classes all carry their own unique features and strengths. It is unlikely that this will change and that class skills will become intermixed. If you do not want to play a female venomancer, a mystic offers a summoning system that is similar but very different in important ways. It may be to your liking. If you simply want a pet to accompany you on your PWI journey, because you enjoy the way the look, PWI offers a wide variety of all class pets that you can utilize. Please note that all class pets cannot be used in battle and are merely a form of decoration.

Make it so that charms do not auto bind to your character!

Charms are expensive and so you obviously do not want to equip one to a merchant character. However, the auto-bind feature is for you protection. Charms are meant to be a last ditch defense that works automatically, not something you can accidentally un-equip and then not be able to use when you need it most. Furthermore, having charms auto-bind prevent them being sold after being used. If you would like to avoid ticking your charm, there is a quest called "try to leap" that you get in the first few levels of playing. I would suggest completing this quest and choosing an HP charm, as those are the most expensive should you accidentally equip it and are not tradable anyway. This way you will receive a dialog box warning you that your about to destroy your old charm and equip a new one should you accidentally go to equip that charm. If you wanted to, you could also complete the lochmur quest on your shop alt and get a cheap untradeable mana charm as well to equip. Although that requires significantly more work. Using these options can help protect your investments.

Still haven't found your Suggestion here?
One last thing before you post! Please make sure you are searching to make sure your suggestion has been asked before. This is simply a list of the most frequently made suggestions and is in no way meant to encompass all of the the suggestions made. If you want to know how to search the forums, and get better results. Please follow these tips here originally posted by Esuna.
6. Using the Search function

Before you post a thread with certain questions, try using the Search Function. Chances are big that people have already asked the very same things or that there are guides on said topic.

On the Search page you'll see a variety of settings to edit.

In the "Key Word(s)" field, you type what you are looking for. Let's say you're looking for Rebirth Gamma guides. You would probably type in "rebirth gamma". However, this will give you all threads with the word "rebirth" and all threads with the word "gamma" separately. Use the query "rebirth+gamma" to filter out threads about other types of Rebirths. You can also choose to "Search Entire Post", or "Search Titles Only". If one is looking for a guide, it is probably better to "Search Titles Only", so none of the threads randomly discussing Rebirths will popup in the results.

The "Search by User Name" is pretty straightforward. If someone was looking for one of my posts, they would type in "Esuna - Raging Tide" and it will display all my posts that have your keywords in them.

The "Find Threads with" function allows you to specify the amount of posts you want threads to have. This is to filter out dead threads that nobody has replied to.

The "Find Posts from" allows you to specify dates. If you're looking for a thread that's recently been made, you could filter out threads that existed for months.

The "Sort Results by" will sort the list of results according to your wishes, this can be age, user name etc.

The "Search in Forum(s)" function allows you to specify in what sub-forums to look. Hold down the CTRL-key and click the forums you like to select multiple, but specific forums. The CTRL-key also allows you to deselect a single selected forum. With the Shift-key you can select a row of forums at a time.
This function is meant for specific searches. If you are looking for Archer guides, you will most likely not want results from the other class forums or General Discussion. This is exactly what this function filters out.

You can find more tips for using the forums (such as changing your avatar, using BB code, etc here http://pwi-forum.perfectworld.com/showthread.php?p=7336062#post7336062)

Special thanks to VenusArmani for compiling this list for us.
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