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So today I was in nirvana and we got rare second last boss, which drops golden chests. So guy gets chest and opens and shows *perfect stones*. Another guy and I say golden chests dont have perfect stones.

This clearly shows:

So we asked people in world chat and some say yes and some no. I've never seen perfect stones from golden chests before either. Another person says maybe pwdatabase is wrong lol, which I doubt. Why can't the bosses just drop the shard, cannny or whatever, why chests? lmao

Anyway what you think?

P.S yes I know I shouldnt go with randoms but I was bored ok lmao b:cute
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    The guy was lying
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    If he claims that it dropped something it couldn't possibly have dropped, then that means it dropped something valuable 9 times out of 10. Probably just cheating you out of an uncanny
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    You're supposed to lie about the first few boxes, not the gold ones.
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    i have personally got both mirages and perfect stones from golden chests. I actually had screenshot at one point, but gotten new laptop since then
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    Perf. stones never drop from gold boxes, should have dragged that person`s name on wc so others wouldn't squad with him/her.
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    You're supposed to lie about the first few boxes, not the gold ones.

    lol ur the amateur here

    true pros lies on all boxes b:pleased
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    Ye boxes sucks i dont want to know how many things got scammed already with this trick! get every shard as banker and just say damn i got a flawless sapphire
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    Before I make my point I want to point out to you a few things, surely there's more:




    And this:

    Why do I mention these?

    The three items listed are random tideborn skill books.

    The mob listed is Peachblossom.

    If you look at Peachblossom, you will notice that none of those books are listed as drops from Peachblossom. I have personally witnessed numerous times these books drop from Peachblossom (especially the sage BOL) , yet the db doesn't list it.

    Now, what's the point of this? Well, it's like Wikipedia. Wikipedia is only as reliable as it's sources. For the most part, the DB is reliable information. For the most part Wikipedia is reliable information. On the other hand, there's always parts of it that give false information or don't reveal things that it should.

    It's entirely possible that these chests drop perfect stones. However, the likelihood is incredibly small, and in probably damn near a thousand Nirvana runs I have never ever once got perfect stones from the golden chests -- or ever past the room with the running boss/darkwing corpse boss. If the OP's name starts with BAL in-game, then I was one of those who pointed out that the person is very likely lying. And that much is true. Keep in mind though that as improbable as it is, it's possible to be telling the truth. It's important to trust who you're going with and limit random Nirvana's as much as possible because it is quite often that people will steal cannies. If I saw a person that showed me perfect stones in the phoenix/netherqueen room from the golden chest, I'd boot them for thieving.
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    Its possible that the tb and eg books have not been added to the additional drop chance, or that those books are an additional additional drop which the pwdatabase parser does not read. The nirvana chests however are a basic quest reward. The time anyone has ever claimed p.stones from a silver or a gold chest was with someone I have never run with. Whenever 2x is on and I run 30 nirvanas at a time with a group of friends, nobody ever gets pstones, ever.
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    Joining random Nirvana squads really is a **** shoot. If I'm in a random Nirvana and we complete the run with mostly shard/p.stone drops and just one canny to spare, I'm unlikely to go on another run with them.

    Yes... it's very likely that we just had pure bad luck in that instance but still... trust and honesty is in waay too short supply these days. b:avoid