What level can a barb solo frost? And what kind of gears u need ?

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Ik a sine who can solo frost at 94 but can my level 94 barb solo frost
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    um.. first off.. WHY?
    soloing from with a barb would take forever. the mobs arn't a problem but the bosses are annoying without a cleric.

    im sure if you wanted to waste your barb going APS you could, but i see no reason to. if you already have a sin that can do it, do it with your sin.

    edit: so u dont have a sin that was somone else.

    your answer is NO you cant, dont know when barbs get 5 aps and i frankly dont really give a ****.

    give us skills and 5 aps in tiger form and ill consider it. but until then only claws I'm using are the ones in my paws
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    Got a kick out of Furries post: "wasting your barb going aps"... Someones been replaced as tank by claw barbs one too many times.

    Back on subject. More than likely not until level 99. Mob pulls are easy enough to solo. Pull, invoke, beastial, sunder/surf kill or ToP+ Arma. The real problems are the second and fourth bosses because the second boss can sleep/ purple bubble lock you pretty well which is why you try to kill him before he even can cast his first sleep. A high aps Sin can do this, or at least use Maze Steps or vac powders and kill before their cooldown (about 40 seconds total) but once maze and vac are in cooldown you are pretty much locked till you're dead. If you bring a second person along the boss will always sleep/bubble the lower DD, which makes it much easier while you kill. So you pretty much have to be 4+ aps as a barb to kill him before Violent Triumph+vac powders wheres off.

    The third boss is similar but easier. Purge is annoying and very few barbs can kill before they're purged, and sometimes it kills your spark right after you've sparked. He sleeps you through your sparks so its hard to perma spark. Sometimes you'll get frozen and the boss will move slightly out of reach or if you attack the bishops to prevent their interupt they'll freeze you away from the boss... Overall, he's easier to solo than the second boss. Just annoying and you may have to use pots/charm.

    I say TT99 because you can be 5.0 with all you're aps gear at this point.
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    Got a kick out of Furries post: "wasting your barb going aps"... Someones been replaced as tank by claw barbs one too many times.

    Technically, no.

    Clawbarians are super rare on our server. And the ones that do exist you'll never see outside of faction runs. Sins have made any other high aps class obsolete.

    @OP: Technically you could solo FC with a vit build barb at 90+, but it is god awful slow. You'd make it to the bishop boss in about 3 hours and you can forget having enough time to even make it to the big room.
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    Based on reading comparisons of barb vs bm dd and soloing this on my BM (doing the basic pulls normal FC squads do), I would guess any barb under level 99, without +10 claws/fists and 5 aps would take too long to solo vs just finding squads. The mobs wouldn't be bad, but the bosses will take forever even with claws. Just going by what an experienced claw barb on the forums said, it is not wise to even go claws/fists prior to 99 or 100 anyways.
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    I solo ff for plvl runs, I prefer to clear with hubbys sin then do big room to end on my barb ad only takes me about 20 to 24 minutes.
    with that said, i did a full plvl run, and it took me about 1hr and 20min with 5.0 +10 deicides.. and ill never do it again. let alone being purged on 4th boss, i would have needed another hour bp. so.. use a sin is all i can say.
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    yeah i clear on my sin too(if i wantto stealth the instance and not worry about mobs)..or just get my cleric buddy and use my bm(alot faster to me and kill everything that moves).I did a few runs with just my barb its not bad but its kinda boring due to lack of aoe..so i would have to like claw the mobs to death lol.b:chuckle
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