Can't write a Ticket

Manostra - Harshlands
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Today i logged in my Account and tryed to write a Ticket but i just get this here :
Insufficient Account Information

Invalid Querystring!

I was logged in on the Webpage with my Account (I was greeted with my Name in the upper left windows corner) but when i went to the Support site it greet me with hello guest and there is no field to logg in.

How can i fix this ?
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  • ozimov
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    Try opening a fresh browser session and go to, then login from there. Let me know if you're still receive an error.

  • Manostra - Harshlands
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    I did as you said and the support site still dosnt recognize me as logged in it still says guest and i get the error message when i want to send a ticket or viev my ticket history.

    Im using Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9 with the latest updates. I can use every other feature and functionality on the perfect world website including core connect token shop dq point shop my profile , charging zen ect ect. Only support isn't working.

    The Request i had was raising my spending limit, maybe you can help me out without ticket ?
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  • Manostra - Harshlands
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    My Problem isn't solved yet. Futuremore i can't redeem the Bonus Reward Points into a mount as it tell me an error occured and i should contact the support. The Support Page still regard me as a guest even when im logged in with my Account. I just installed Firefox to see if its a problem with my internet explorer but it gives me the same result. When i get the error following url is browsed.

    And yes i tryed out the url mentioned 2 posts over me with a fresh session, when i do this the support page says still welcome guest. Is there a hidden windows on that side where i can logg in ? I dont get it. Please help me

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  • darthpanda16
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    Try contacting support at [email protected] and explain to them the issue you have.
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  • Mor_Toran - Sanctuary
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    That happens sometimes with IE, you have to delete the browser cache to get it working again. Or just use Chrome and don't worry about it.
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