LVL 70 Cleric Weapon

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Hi... idk what weapon to use for lvl 70 so that i will hit the highest when im higher lvl

i want to pvp whats the best weapon that i can bind to myself?
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  • Hazumi_chan - Sanctuary
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    I wouldn't bind a weapon at lvl 70... but that's your choice.

    Anyway... depending on what kind of weapon you want...
    magic sword: ★Sakyamuni's Light
    Magic Atk: 598 - 731
    Magic Attack +56
    Phys. Res. +216
    Evasion +214

    ★Acalanatha Wand
    Magic Atk: 642 - 655
    Magic Attack +63
    MP +210
    Magic +10~11

    Ofc you could also look at TT70 swords, but the Sakyamuni's Light has a higher magic attack without counting bonusses yet.

  • LongWushi - Heavens Tear
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    Second on Sakyamuni's Light. If you get a pretty decent refine (+5 or better) that should hold you till L85 if you can get your hands on a Frost weapon.
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    i wouldn't spend the coin to +5 a weapon at level 70 myself, but different people's mileages will differ. i've got a sakyamuni's light on my veno main, but that's because i use fox form melee somewhat and want the phys res add on it; for a pure caster class, i'd go for that wand, or even one of the TT70 magicswords.
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