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I would like to thank you puting this on sale. I waited so long for this. b:laugh Ive seen in the comments manny people rage but tbh it dosnt matter whats on sale, people always rage or demand fixes for their problems that dosnt even scratch the cash shop topic.

After Packs packs more packs , dorbs and packs again its somewhat refreshing
I hate Room 38
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    i find it amusing. the price of crafting items should not change one bit because the gold-coins ratio massively outweighs the ratio of gold-crafting items. well, at least on my server. i wanted to buy lots of crafting items with gold, but for instance, Rough Fur was roughly 7-10k depending on who you bought it from.

    just at 10k a piece, that's 400k for 40. if i buy 1g worth of coins i can buy 3x that amount compared to spending that 1g on 40. now they're 50s for 40. so i can still buy 1.5x the amount, not considering the lowered prices people have probably set thinking things are worth less when they should be in no way different, if not having raised.

    nobody on this game seems to calculate things like that, which is sort of funny because with some very basic knowledge of standard-based economics you can abuse massive imbalances such as those i've been poking at for a while now.