Bored of always the same sales

Manostra - Harshlands
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The most Packs are over a year old now and most of them (Sunshine packs) have not even the best gear available anymore. We have 3.3 Flyers allready and only a few care about the look as long its not the fastest mount in game.

Dont you guys think its time to make some new Packs and stuff something inside thats new and awesome ?

Also the last 3.3 Speed Fly mount sale is AGES ago. Im waiting for a long time now on a good Crafting mat sale (70% off or someting) or a crafting skill pack sale. Its always packs, packs rep, badge, packs again some fashion dorbs, ocassional pet packs and hypers.

Give crafting some love ? or stuff the r9 medals in the packs ?
I hate Room 38