Requesting EU Server with new Update

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Dear PWI

The License Holder in Eu/Germany offers poor Services and their version is beyond good and evil. Bad Customer Support, leak of Updates, bugged Quests and on top of this they dont take any measures against BOT's.

You should have a big ammount of Players right now that live close or inside EU Timezone and giving us a Server would be a great gift to all Player who suffer about the high Pings and uncomfortable TW and Event Times. Manny People would reroll on an EU Server and had to gear up again ect.

Please give us EU Servers so we can enjoy PWI even more. I dont ask for localized Clients just the English Version but inside the EU.
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    If you bothered to do a search before asking this, you would already know the answer. New servers will only be added when the pwi staff decides one is needed, not us.
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