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Transfer of Gems in sockets

ufopufop Posts: 23 Arc User
edited November 2010 in Suggestion Box
Ok many people know its possable when upgrading tt99 to nivana that you can transfer the gems in your sockets.What i would like to sugggest is that they put in place a system to transfer the gems in BOUND items to other gear for example...
I have got a event cloak that i used on an old toon and same account made another toon
that uses interval so i bought i int event cloak the cloak on the old too i used 4 savant stones and want those stones in the new toons.....So theses cloaks are both bound to the toon cant be sold cant trade to anyone on a different account i got the gems why the hell shouldnt i be able to tranfer them.....
At this point in time gm's etc can help if they wanted to but unless you spent like $40000 on the game u aint gona get jack help from them so why cant they put a forge like to one used for nivana to tranfer sockets and gems and make it so you can transfer bound items gems to other items that are bound?
B4 anyone ask how could a gm help well they can summon items at will so they could see that u have the cloak's they could then check records to make sure u npc it then give you the stones...
Anyway besides this most items like tt99gold tt90gold forestwizdom helm the heavonrage boots etc are bount to that toon so u get your tt90 gold and cant sell it or do anything with it when u upgrade to tt99 so you waste the refines/gems you use on your tt90 aswell as the mats to make it would be nice to transfer that refine or transfer those gems so its not a total waste....same as the forestwizdom helm i had b4 nivana refined it to +10 put 2 savant in then nivana comes out would love one of them helms but cant because then i have a 200 odd mill helm doing nothing cant sell it cant do anything with it.
Also the refine transfer suxs *** who in there right mind would get 400 chienkun stones to transfer +10 when its cheaper to just make another +10 item??? great idea just a pity pwi trys to **** the players buy making it to expensive coz lets face it ..if you refine your gear to +10 and wana transfer it to the same lvl item surely youve paid enough why pay 400 gold to transfer it??????
So the poll is would you like to see a forge that lets you transfer bound items gems refines etc to other bound items????


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