Player Bosses

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Step 1: Boutique Item, let's say 3 gold.
Step 2: Turn in item to boutique agent using quest/trade window/whatever
Step 3: Boutique Agent saves exact skill list/fash/appearance/name of player
Step 4: Player chooses battle mode: Land / Air / Water Boss
Step 5: Player receives a special quest

What does it do: Every 6 hours, a new random boss will spawn in a random location in OHT. The boss has same stats as a card boss. Just looks and acts like a (registered) player. Drops all possible OHT mats.

If a player kills a boss version of themselves and turns in the quest, they get 5 of the current "anni" pack on sale as a quest reward. Since it's one quest per item, it can't be abused and stuff.

Max is 20 players (1 per account) a week to register their characters. Resets each week.
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    or just do a blow out sale for packs...b:avoid
    i am waiting for you my little flagcarriers b:kiss