Congrats Calamity



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    Exactly my point. Damned if you do damned if you don't. Might as well just keep defending the lands until they are taken rightfully, wont you agree?

    Well its completely up to your officers what happens next, but I do know that we will keep TWing. Agree completely, whats that old phrase? You can please some people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time. but you cant please all the people all the time.
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    sorry, Calamity only has a handful of cash shoppers. Our rival faction has more cash shoppers than we do. About 80% of our core TW members have +4-+7 weapons and gear. <--- my current build

    +7?? Where?? b:surrender

    I'm so proud tonight to have that cute little Calamity crab over my head. b:victory

    Love you, Cala b:kiss

    Peace, Love, & Crabs!
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    Honestly, for me, TW is done on that server until colors change a bit. But I'm playing on 4 other servers so it's okay. Getting in practice elsewhere. Once things pick up again on DW I'll get interested again. b:laugh
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    My first post ever in PWI forum...

    Anyway congratulation Calamity on your hard work and dedication. You all finally painted the map red haha. I wish I was there with you guys but I was somewhere else doing my own "tw" lol. Well I'm glad I came back just in time to help, eventhough it wasn't much. Congratz guys. My favorite color is one click away hehe.
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    *Sigh* been a long journey since day 1 of server.
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    I can't believe I'm saying this but...
    Congratz Calamity on taking over the whole tw mapb:victory

    It has been very fun twing against u guys, and after (probably) the hard work cala members have done for the faction u guys (kinda) derserve it.


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    Congratulations calamity, you've come a long way.
    Props to all that stamina and motivation to keep going and taking the whole map, must have been hard at times.
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    Congratulations, took a while but it was done. Also some special gratz for the people I know there, Eowyn, DrHeals and Draal.
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    Grats Cala its been fun making u earn it lol
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    lol these screenies explain how it is so hard to find red dye on DW :p

    grats on completing the jigsaw.
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    Grats ^__^

    btw the spark picture is pretty awesome b:laugh

    n qq andres y is rasz on ur "friends outside of cala" list but im not on there b:cry

    Hi Loar b:cute
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    Amazing, after over one and a half year we finally did it b:victory

    RL made me unable to attend the deciding war, but who cares, Ive been in so many before, and they were all equally as deciding in accomplishing what we finished last night! I couldn't have been prouder that Cala has prevailed through so much, and that we're still here and stronger than ever!

    Thank you to all in Cala, new and old, for making us what we are, and thank you to our enemies; Armageddon, Immortal, EQ, Dynasty, Vanquish, Tempest and many more, for making us work that much harder, and making this accomplishment taste that much better b:cute

    I b:heart Crabs!
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    i just wanna say tyvm dreamweaver server every other server that had map fully conquered had too much drama on that thread but dreamweaver server ;) so ty again

    b:kiss flowy <3

    bet u r jealous of my cata eh?

    not to mention my FIRST FASHION EVA TO WEAR looool tyvm throck for those pants

    Calamity RIP 6/11/2010 same day as my birthday tyvm whoever destroyed it for lovely birthday present ;) almost 3 years u will be forever missed

    what will happen now
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    lol these screenies explain how it is so hard to find red dye on DW :p

    grats on completing the jigsaw.

    Guildchat was hilarious with everyone scrambling for red dye. They should have put a dozen red pigment cards in the Bidding Hall - woulda made a fortune. Thankfully we had Andres and his wardrobe filled with groom suits enough to cover half the faction b:chuckle

    Grats to Cala, it's been an exciting trip for the 4 months or so I've been in - I can only imagine how it feels for our members who have been here for so much longer. In my short experience I've seen the massive amount of effort it takes to organize these wars, and the massive amount of determination it takes for our members to show up in force week in and week out to defend again strong opposition. It's a genuinely impressive thing to witness.

    Look forward to more fun wars against the other guilds of DW.

    also go Phillies b:cute
    Thanks for the sig Ophida :3
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    As I was once a member of Cala and left do to IRL issues, congratulations on making the map all one color. The ultamite goal you succeeded in. Now what we going to do? A lot of people are over contoversy on whats going to happen. Are we going to reset the map and let every faction have a fair chance at gaining something for a while and then you take over again? What ever your decision I am sure it is going to be a fun one for the whole server. To my friends in Cala gratz to my friends outside Cala. Keep trying! <3 you all!
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    Gratz Cala! Its been a long and fun road to turn the map crab red.When i joined Cala the map was all one color.i got to watch the map turn colors from several to a few to one.i watched several good factions try to stop us on our journey.i have heard people put us down for our tw victories. calling us cash shoppers and a lot of unspeakable things.none of them the reason we took the whole map. the reason we took whole map is because we are family.we work togather. we dont say tw is not fun so we dont do.we didnt give up when EQ was taking a few of our lands no we said we have to get it back.we have always been family and said if we work togather we can take the whole map. that is how you do it remember be family have fun work togather and say we can do it too.thx Cala for being my famly. i look forward to defending our lands and having a lot more fun. crab red is beautiful:}
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    i just wanna say tyvm dreamweaver server every other server that had map fully conquered had too much drama on that thread but dreamweaver server ;) so ty again

    b:kiss flowy <3

    bet u r jealous of my cata eh?

    not to mention my FIRST FASHION EVA TO WEAR looool tyvm throck for those pants

    GTFO LOAR b:angry
    Only reason you pulled that cata for so long was because i was late b:angry

    And aaaaaannyyyy wasys >.>
    The OT pk war was uber fun but i lagged to much to really do anything >:/
    Still hoping that cala kos"s everything in pk ;3 Id start trolling open world again instead of wasting money at OT
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    flooow wrote: »
    n qq andres y is rasz on ur "friends outside of cala" list but im not on there b:cry

    Raz doesn't BIDS me on sight on TW!!! b:cry freaking flow caught me frenzied on rank armor for 10k damage non crit

    Of course I consider you and many other Equinox people dear friends, also great rivals, it was the point of that post, thank you all, it has been really a pleasure, hope it remains that way b:dirty
    We came, we saw, we painted it red.
    10/10/10 Calamity
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    Grats guys! b:kiss <33
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    Would like to say congrats to Calamity for completing their goal, great run to the old core members and to the new ones who have accomplished this feat.

    Good Try to Equinox, as the main faction in the way of Calamity's Goal, To all other factions who played a role, Dynasty, Tempest, Inversion and many many others, too many to name. GG to Dreamweaver who woke up too late to not see this coming along way ago.

    Special Grats to Baldwinboy and the officers involved though i dont know him much he turned cala around when it seemed they had lossed their edge when Equinox had gotten back some momentum.

    As Jay and Templar thanks for the great times =) to all involved in TW b:thanks
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    stefanjama wrote: »
    this made me LOL -whatever makes you happy b:bye

    btw graz to cala :3

    What Miz said is trueb:surrender
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    24 hours on (well 18 or so i guess) its still sinking in - although some saw it as inevitable I want to thank all our rivals for never giving up and making us earn the map. I have said before and will say it again our chief rivals (not enemies) Equinox, Dynasty, Tempest, Vanquish as well as the likes of Arma and others, back in the day, had a huge part in making Cala what it is today by forcing us to be the best we can be. TW would never have been as fun as it has been without your challenges.

    Many of those that inspired early members of Cala such as myself are no longer here yet they are as much a part of this victory - Andres did a very good job at remembering so many I could so easily have forgotten so i'll leave my words in this regard to Seraphim who with a few core people around him began this journey we have been proud to finish on his behalf. Thx Sera for showing the way and establishing a community that was as strong as any level of refinement on any weapon.

    Every member of Cala this day can share in this victory for however long they have been a part of it, it woudl have been impossible to do without the newer members giving us the turnouts that the challenge of EQ, Dyna and Tempest/Vanquish at the same time required us to have. A Calamity member of any age inherits its history, is its present and will be its future and has ever right to be as proud as members long since gone for it is a shared victory among us all.

    As for the future, I applaud the attitude of members of EQ and Tempest I saw yesterday in world chat that appear up to the challenge of figuring out what is needed to break Cala's defence - that challenge is what TW is about - not land, not mirages, but a puzzle shared with 80 faction members and working with up to 160 members of two other factions. It wasnt that long ago that we had to rise to a similar challenge to figure out how to defeat EQ that for the majority of the first 8 months of this year were clearly the better TW faction on DW in their execution and ultimately the results. Just as EQ stayed the course last year to arrive at that point, Cala fought through these times - thats what make EQ and Cala the factions they are and long may both remain so. It is so encouraging to see the work of Tempest and resolve of Dynasty not to give up but to see the challenge ahead of them - I hope they can inspire other factions and teach them what is needed at the core of a community to be a contender.

    Thanks to Dreamweaver - the best faction in PWI.
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    Mad respect to the core members.

    You stuck with calamity through it all and achieved your goal and that truly is something, shows loyalty wich has been lacking as of late. Your the people who make the game fun for alot of people still.

    To the Faction Hoppers who be saying they are in the best faction ever and then next week they are on the other side saying how horrible their old home is.You sicken me
    (Directed at everyone, Equinox.Calamity.Dynasty.Tempest.And all others, you know who you are)

    Congratulations Calamity on the well deserved victory.
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    Congratulations Calamity! b:cute My respect to all the members who've stuck with the faction since forever, and to all those new guys who honestly worked to try and make this happen!
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    Congratulations Calamity, I am not surprised to see the maps stained blood red but that does not make this moment any less monumental. Congratulations to my friends with in the faction, and best wishes to the people who will strive to reclaim their territories. I wish you many more exciting wars to come!
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    Congrats Calamity on Taking over the full Dreamweaver Server.

    I am Glad to be a part of this.


    Gratz Calamity you are the 2nd BIG RED guild in PWI to take the map. b:victory b:laugh

    2nd to Conqueror. lol

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    ★ A not so Retired Veteran of PWI ★

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    2nd to Conqueror. lol [/FONT][/COLOR]

    As I said before, Comparissons are really disgusting. But since you started them...

    Conqueror took Lost City available map at that point. Escorian refered to the full map that exist after the Tideborn expansion.

    Yes, this would have taken Conqueror only 3 more weeks to take down. Ultimely, conqueror expansion was fastest, it took them 57 weeks (52 PvP TW attacks victories) to get their available map red, or 60 to get a full TB map red. Calamity took 84 (silly rankings page is again outdated) weeks. It's why you may say Conqueror will always be remembered as the original red faction and rightfully so.

    But you know, Uruguay was the first FIFA world cup winner... The TW stage has changed so much since they took and gave away the map, I would very much love to see them get together and do it again. Although most of them already quit or just don't want to play with each other anymore.

    To finish, Conqueror enjoyed the game when it was still "free to play" only. We endured the "Pay to win" period of it. Yes, 2 months of anniversary packs did pose a big game change for them, as it did for Calamity. But we also had to endure:
    -2x exp events, hyper babies, oracle sales (Dreamweaver kicked off with a JJ event lol) and the new Frostcovered, which greatly cut the level gap Conqueror made sure to have early in the server and still enjoyed by the time they took the map.

    -countless anniversary pack, dragon orb ocean sale, 2x weekends, Tiger events. Which reduced the gear gap and in certain areas even outwaged us there. Sure, Calamity has their share of incredibly geared people but so does everyone else in this server now. Back in CQ days, this kind of builds was only reserved for the top factions. Now I can't help it but drop my jaw to the ground when you see people in no-tw factions with +10 stuff xD

    -JJ blessing, anniversary blessing, Crab meat food, lvl 100 assassins stealthing on top of CT clerics 1 week after TB release, 5aps BMs and sins, warsoul bow, attack level archers and wizards, defense level + vitality stone barbs, absolute domain, frenzy and expel genies and many other nice treats that exist ingame now that notably increases the damage output of anyone, making a lvl 89 wizard hit just as hard as a lvl 100 "back in those days" would with the right skills and the right blessings. Most importantly, they didn't had to deal with Mirage pay b:cry

    Sure, this events affected all players, factions and servers alike. But all this updates goal, as GMs constantly state was to cut the gap that existed between the dominating TW faction and its contenders.

    People don't tend to name them as much as CQ, But Nefarius and Enrage, which both belong to a PvE server and would be more fitting of a comparisson. As I do find PvE and PvP servers very different starting with play style all the way to TW formation and faction philosophy or area of enjoyment. Would be a true example of how hard it is now a days to achieve and control a totally red map. Nefarius actually got to hold a red map and then lost it right away. Enrage has been at 1 land left for over 3 weeks now...

    Because what EQ, Dynasty and Vanquish/Tempest did here is what other factions do succesfully in Sanctuary and Heaven's tear, and it's what no other faction but Ragequit did in LC. Near the end, factions pretty much handed in the server to Conqueror, didn't bid or fought back. They just patiently waited and hoped that they would be true to the rumors that after a full map they'd disband. As they did.

    No one could ever match Conqueror TW score, as no one could ever match Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points in 1 basketball game... if you're going to compare, compare with what's currently happening, not what happened in the past, as PWI was much different from what it is today.
    We came, we saw, we painted it red.
    10/10/10 Calamity
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    For those wondering, he really do talks as much as he writes in real life. But people don't listen to him there either b:cute

    Congratulations Calamity, I'm glad that I did my small share of help while I was playing. It was nice to meet you all! I'm sorry I brought Andres with me b:surrender

    See? Short and simple so people don't go sleeping on their keyboards <3
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    Grats guys over in Cala ,
    but you all know this wouldnt have happend if I totally hadnt left for
    :( no really pls come kill me i shouldnt have left its DEAD there , XD
    anyway maybe Miseri will pop in and see the new color scheme tonight
    Where have all the mages gone. Long time casting.
    Who altered my siggy im
    kinda scared b:shocked
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