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I've done searches to no avail; I have the Hero quest Battle for Warsong and apparently need a squad to go to the heart of Warsong. I WCd for a squad, but was told that not even a lvl 101 could finish this quest.
Can someone with experience with this quest/dungeon give me the lowdown on this quest? I understand that Warsong is *the* end-game instance along with Nirvana and Lunar, so why give a quest for it at level 80? Are the five bosses part of the normal raid, or are they seperate, kind of like the crystals in FB59?
Any relevant info you can give, me beyond what I asked, would be appreciated as well.

Never mind. I found the info I was looking for: this quest IS the raid x___x
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    Ty, my party managed to do the five bosses, but you really do need to be 95+ in there. There's no way a level 80 team could finish all of it in time.

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    i will tell u that most ppl do not do warsong before lvl 100. at level 80 it's impossible to stay alive. also most ppl break that quest up along the way. no one i know has ever done the quest fully at one time. first off the instance resets in 4 hours and tbh it's way to big it finish in that short a time unless ur lvl 100 and five aps full squad.
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    A team consisting of just lvl 80's won't be able to handle this place, preferably at least a tank should be high level (90+). With a bit of bad luck some sacrificial assault mobs there deal up to around 7k dmg on me, so your tank should be able to deal with that kind of damage. The bosses are also pretty nasty (I've done all but the water one so far), but you'll be able to stay alive there at lvl 80ish as long as you're not the tank.

    The biggest issue with doing a complete warsong will be defending the pavilions, where you have to defeat a non stop assault of mobs by yourself, while distracting an unkillable mob. I'd say most lvl 80's will either lack the damage output or the survivability to handle that on their own. The physical mobs would be quite easy on a lvl 80 seeker, but the magic mobs might prove a bit tough.

    I don't see why a lvl 101 squad wouldn't be able to handle it though...