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    Really? Why give out the same mounts to the same people?

    the ones that registered after september 2008 won't get anything again sheesh thats lame PWI fails so what if i allready got a annyversary mount? I don't play my main anymore have another and i can't trade the mount onto my new main

    PWI FAILED AT THISb:angryb:angryb:angryb:angry
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    volst wrote: »
    "or before"

    2008 players get both a 2nd mount and new fash.
    Prove it
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    I expect nothing as usual. :(
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    You can even get rare, free ****, based on criteria like playing way longer than nubs and yet people will still QQ. This is why QQers get made fun of.

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    Imagine the reaction you would get if you gave your spouse the same anniversary gift as last year? "Hey honey, look what I got you, I know I already gave one to you last year, but I've included a nightie and a bottle of vitamins this time!". I'm not married but I can imagine that reaction.

    GG PWI.


    edit: And before anyone complains that I'm QQing... I wasn't around for the first mount, but thought the original players who got them should have been the only ones to get them... I would have been happier had they not included a mount instead of just giving the same thing away. They should have reskined it at the very least.

    Also, I'll stick with the Jones Blessing. 30% damage > 15% damage and attack, imo.
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    Prove it

    For users registered on September 2009 or before.

    Pretty sure you get both.
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    Would be nice if the mount was a different color glow or something. I have the first one already and the 2nd one should be different.

    I was hoping for another mount, now my assassin can have one. That's this character, my avatar is just broken.
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    i dont know not when I register?
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    It's ok... now you will have uber rare fashion instead =D

    For about 2-4 weeks before its released to the public I would assume. b:lipcurl
    I really hope the fashion is able to be traded... *slaps self in the face for making my main on my second account* b:beatup
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    Where did this one come from? Keep it to the sticky please guys.
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