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Crash to Desktop Audio Bug Since 273

darthpanda16darthpanda16 Posts: 9,471 Arc User
edited March 2010 in Support Desk
Hi Everyone,

I would like to thank everyone that submitted their dxdiag logs that had the crashes when any type of sound effects would try to play. Thanks to Surtr too! b:victory

Solutions are to uninstall, reinstall, or install sound card/sound chip drivers. People that had this issue, when we checked their dxdiag logs, they didn't have sound drivers installed.

Check with your system manufacturer's support website, or sound card manufacturer for the latest drivers.

The bug has been reported, it has been confirmed by us, and hopefully it'll be addressed in a future patch soon.

My guess is that the audio is used differently in this patch, and requires direct sound chip calls instead of relying on Windows/DirectX for the assist.

Another solution that has worked for some players is to plug in headphones or similar audio device to your headphone jack on your PC/soundcard.
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  • stooixstooix Posts: 44 Arc User
    edited March 2010
    Is the audio bug that crashes the game fixed yet? Ran ESO with sound and no crash fine but I would prefer to play PWI. Get an ETA on when this critical bug is going to be addressed if it hasn't been yet?
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