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What do i have to do to get the last Tab for Fb 79 ?
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    Depends on which one you dont have yet. I'll just describe how to get all 4.

    You get 2 tabs at level 77, along side of a quest to Kill Hooli & Stygean. Obviously these tabs are meant to go along side them (even tho as always all FB tabs are interchangeable).

    Likewise, a 77(ish) You "can" get a tab for Linus, and quest for Linus along side of it. 77 is the earliest you can get it, but, the pre-requisite is completing the prior quest to kill Hooli & Stygean. If you happen to go in with someone else early and flag off those 2 kills, you can pick this up ahead of doing your FB. Otherwise its like FB51, in the fact that after killing the 1st 2 bosses, you have to leave & hand in the quest, to get this next boss quest & tab, then return to the FB.

    At 79 you get a tab from your Cultivation. However dont make the mistake many have & charge into your FB right away. As they give you the tab along side a quest to kill Ru Ci OUTSIDE of the FB (south of DWP in the water). After killing him, you get a true quest to Kill Brigand Transient inside FB79, this is who that tab is meant for.
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    do i have to complete my cultivation quest of 69 before, to get last tab of fb79b:sad