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There are 50 Rooms but how exactly does it work ?

Will i chased around the Cube as long the Dice rolls 50 with a chance to make the same room multiple times or will all Rooms i survived excluded so lets say i was in 10 rooms and now the dice have only 40 sides left...

Is there a way to manipulate the Rooms you get ? Is it possible to hit room 50with the first roll ?
I hate Room 38


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    Sticky Guide

    Advanced Cube Guide (more for the information but no need to worry about till 96+)

    Easy tips -->

    You will need a Dice Ticket for every room you enter.

    You will need 100k for a few rooms.

    There is only #1-6 on a dice, therefore you advanced based on the Dice roll after the completion of the room.

    Can take 15 minutes to a long time.
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    you can hit room 50 if u get a dice with 49 faces but around here dice has 6 faces onlyb:chuckle