What Level Is your Sin/Sy

Tryndal - Heavens Tear
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Assasin lvl 27
Equips: Horseman Belt and Neck
Legendary lvl 20 Daggers
Quest Reward Armors
2 Crazed Lupine Rings Legendary
Christmas Blessing
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  • Fealty - Harshlands
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    62 Assisian, got most of my Molds for 70-90. christmas blessing H'ween ammys ect ect b:chuckle
  • Panthalassa - Dreamweaver
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    Level 20 psychic.
    Equips: Stuff.
    Also Known As: Sora_Kaiyou

    I got tired of my avatar not showing up. b:sad
  • darkmarauder
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    54 Psy
    Just lots of molds mostly, weaps lvl 30 QQ
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