Where are the Tideborn Trainers in other big cities?

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I am a Tideborn Psychic and when I reached lvl 20-21 PW sent me to quest in Archo. But there are no Trainers for Psychics or Assassins with the other classes. I went to the Elder in Archo and no luck either. If we are being sent to quest and lvl up our skills in other large cities, we need Trainers to obtain our earned skills like other classes. Otherwise we will have to pay 1,000 coin transport money to return every time to get our skills? Does anyone know yet what locations Trainers are in what cities outside of Rising Tide? Thanks b:bye
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    They are there :P look around, in south arch near General Summer there are the main trainers and just east there are the 2 new trainers
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    Same places where is "old" trainers located in each city/village.