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I've just started with Perfect World a few Weeks ago and im allready in b:dirty with it.

I came not allone tough, a mate i knew from another Game joined my journy aswell and together we are slowly exploring what pwi have to offer a Cleric/Blademaster Combo. We decided to stay factionless for now and im not sure yet if im going to start a faction or we join later something we fit in.

We're interessted in small group PVP and we would like to form a small Strike Team that do all the PVE Stuff and apart from this provoke small scale combat situations and act as team.

We are looking for People with similar interests and compatible mindsets about how to approach this game.

We seek People that :

+ Dont rush the Game and believe its only fun in the Endgame. We will go the slow and hard way and we play to kill time and have fun, not to power us to top and leave soon after, as a burnout.

+ Have good manners, can act mature and can stay away from foul language against oponents, victims aswell as against people who owned you beyond imagination. Someone is always better and you must be able to accept this fact. Thats one of the most important requirements. I like Drama but i hate dramaqueens Ego Player and Solo Specialists. Team > All. If you disagree here stop wasting your time reading future!

+ Willing to learn their Class from the scratch and not rely too much on Highlevel Help. We will try to keep our levels in Range and will do most of the PVE Stuff together. Only this will help us to learn how to play decent.

+ Have a working Headset a WORKING Microphone and use Teamspeak. First Language is German, if you dont unterstand it you must bare with my horrible english and i refuse any compensation for ear bleed or bills for tranquillizer to endure it! You have been warned

+ You can of course play what you want but we are looking forward to have at least each of one class in our Team. A psychic would be awesome *hint* :)

+ Playing Bf2 and/or World in Conflict is a plus

We are not looking for :

- Solo Players, People who have a problem with RPK, Leecher, Immature Emoraging Kids or wannabe Celebs.

- We are also not care about :
Politics, Factions, Known(famous/infamous) Players, E Honor, TW

- Players who like to carebear 24/7 , seriously carebaearing is ok but when its call to arms i expect everyone to break grinding and go RED if necessary. Safety Lock is our best Friend. If you afraid of that Status you wasted your time, sorry.

If we go on PK Tour anything thats not in our Group is a Target if we can bring it down. We dont have "friends" in this moment, we also dont want to create friendly NAP's with anyone and we play this game our style and not how the selfchoosen wise Guys say its meant to be played. We have some kind of Codex, a few basic Rules and apart from this everything goes. We expect to be not really liked and ganked a lot and we looking forward to it.

If you still reading and want to try being a part of a group that supports each other and will always small enough to have a friendly familiar atmosphere, where your Share to the whole count, and you arn't just a number, contact me in game.

A few last words

We dont rule, we are noobs, we just learn how to play and we far from perfect. But we want to become better and sometimes we have our "shiny" moments. Above all we want to have Fun and a good Time.

Join us

I hate Room 38