here reason why expansion isnt out

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ok for ppl who cant read the stickies for whatever reason stop flaming the forum with threads this thread will clear up almost everything XD
Q. why is the expansion not out yet?
A. they had to delay it cause they had to polish some stuff like they say in the stickies

Q. when will it be released then?
A. they said that its coming along with the maintenance at 9pm that will last till midnight (site time)

anything else not covered is covered in the stickies proceed to them for the whole story


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    If they didn't read the stickies they wont read this either b:bye
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    If people cannot read the stickies, they will not read this....

    Just refer people to the stickies...NO point in making a new post about it b:surrender
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    Yeah, I'm sorry to say there's no point to this thread. Thanks for trying though.
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