IRC Server 4 Your Guild.

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Are you looking for a place where all your guild mates can gather for meetings and another such things?
Do you want a safe and secure place to hold meetings?

Then try, create a room, for your members for your leaders...Equipped with IRC Help rooms and a very competent staff.

All you have to do is download mIRC and get to work setting up your Safe channel...Faster access to members then forums, real-time chat.

Download your IRC Client:

Those who use MACs may enjoy IRCle or other MAC-based IRC programs, easily found through Google.

Information to Know
Server Name:
Ports: 6660-6669 (Unsecured) 6697-6999 (Secured)

All you need to do is once you download your IRC client type /s -m
and you will be connected.

For any further help pm me or reach me @ #Help on
or email me @ [email protected]